Christmas Tree Shop

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Former Location christmastreeshop1.jpgMarket Square - Henrietta by BradMandell
790 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
Status (as of August 6, 2023)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2008-07-07 20:38:58   One of my wife's favorite stores, and a must destination for friends and family ladies visiting from out of town. Best buy was a $2.50 Impatiens Garden (seeds, peat pellets, and greenhouse cover) that produced the beautiful impatiens that now fill three of our hanging flower baskets! —BradMandell

2008-07-15 16:25:39   I never bothered going into this store for a long time, since I foolishly thought it was a big store selling Christmas trees. I kept thinking "How will this place survive 10 months out of the year?" I always saw the lot full, so I finally stopped by. No trees in sight. Its sort of like an IKEA for small things. I couldn't find anything I wanted, but I can see the appeal of the place. —TippingPoint

2008-07-15 21:46:14   What struck me most about my springtime foray into the store was the inexpensive can of borscht sitting on a shelf next to the inexpensive jar of apples intended for inclusion in apple pie. Anyone brought up in the latter years of the Cold War would be hard pressed to not smile at that imagery. —DaveMahon

2010-09-15 10:09:44   a store for women —RaginRon

2010-10-25 20:04:09   Can we please just rename this chain of stores to: JUUUUUNK, etc! or something more fitting of the wares found within? I can feel the lead seeping into my blood stream each time I pick something up off the shelf.

When I'm forced to go in the place because my wife wants dirt cheap shades or something I play a game called "Made in the USA". I try to find something made in the United States. I have yet to win!

Still, the people in there seem to love the place. George W. Bush was also elected to the Office of the Presidency twice. —BatGuano