Flour City Diner

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Former Location
2500 East Ave, Rochester NY 14610

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It was replaced by Flour City Grill on April 1, 2013.


FC_Entrance.jpgNew Entrance 12-07 FlourCityNew.jpgInterior 11-07 FlourCityPancakes.jpgFrom the Childrens Menu 09-08


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2010-03-29 17:41:07 Was a big fan of FCD in it's old location - there almost every weekend, finally got to visit the new location Sunday. I was very disappointed. Decor was in poor taste. Wait staff was inefficient. Dropped the food off and never came back except to give the check. Never came back to pick up the check so

2010-04-26 00:48:18   Went here for breakfast this past weekend and it was amazing! The cook brought out our food himself and was very personable. Our omelets were to die for and i know this sounds random, but the toast was the best toast I've ever had! You can tell it comes fresh from the local bakery and it was just so crisp, buttery and delicious :) —Dstones

2012-07-22 10:55:54   I have been dining at flour city diner for years and have enjoyed their wonderful food. Unfortunately, today I had one of those experiences which will make me never return. I often recommended this restaurant to friends and family. I took my parents and sister who were in from out of town there and was mortified at the horrible service and food we received. While their wait staff was wonderful, it was the owner and his wife who treated us very poorly. We never received all of our food , were given no apology or explanation, and the food we did receive was disgusting. I have always received great food at flour city diner, and was shocked at what I was served. But even more shocking was the attitude that the owner and his wife treated us with. Customer service goes along way and we did not receive any. I have never written a review on a restaurant before, but had to share my experience to save someone else's time and money. Unless you are a gambler do not waste your time. —Alycia

2012-10-09 15:52:17   I was in for breakfast and I was very happy with food. Best hash and homefries I had in long time. The waitress was friendly. —Hamddy

2013-04-08 14:55:52   They are under new management as of April 1st. The new owner retained all the old recipes from the previous owner. The name of the restaurant changed to Flour City Grill ([WWW]http://flowercitygrill.com/). The hours have also changed, including the return of lunch. —abraxas