Mighty Taco

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Mighty Taco.jpgMighty Taco grand opening

Former Location
410 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
Status (as of October 1, 2018)

See Gone, But not forgotten


The first Mighty Taco opened in Buffalo in 1973. They have since expanded to 21 locations in the greater Buffalo area.


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2012-04-23 18:31:58   Not bad but don't understand the hype. —karlos

2012-04-23 21:30:25   Seriously? Mighty Taco? They weren't even THAT good 30 years ago when I lived in Buffalo (and Taco ding-dong hadn't entered the market yet). All they are is a place where primarily young men go to eat meat/soy filler products of dubious content. There's not even a chance to be snobbish there! Rochesterians will never go for it..... —Alex-C

2012-04-24 13:01:28   Delicious. Platinum standard fast food tacos and glad they're here in Rochester now. But unless you're a transplanted Buffalonian, or can't listen to your "hype/BS meter," stay away at least until late May. By then, the hype will have died down, RIT (2/3 of the people I saw there were from RIT) will be done for the summer, and you can get your "fast food" without a 40-minute wait. —bionicsimmons

2012-06-07 22:24:07   They start with a tortilla, fresh out of a plastic bag. Then, they smear on the meat paste to their desired thickness. And, then.. *looks around* here comes the limp lettuce strips. But, wait.. there's cheese. Yes. A slice of torn-in-half processed cheese square.. Hungry yet? Well, just wait until you take a bite. —BatGuano

2012-08-09 18:55:58   It's a fast food restaurant so you have to set your expectations accordingly. Quick, easy, cheap works for me. Huge positive is the gluten-free choices which is tough when getting fast food. Much better than that other Taco chain (who has gluten in their hard shells and chips). —coyo5050

2012-11-19 12:35:28   Here's a small but notable "plus" for Mighty Taco - their "small" soft drink is 12 ounces. A bit cheaper and less caloric than the soft drinks at most other fast food places. And, possibly just because the hype and summer are long over, the lines are a lot more tolerable now than when it first opened. —bionicsimmons