First Niagara

[wikipedia]First Niagara Bank

First Niagara Bank was a regional bank with their US headquarters in Buffalo and several locations in the Rochester area. They were founded in Lockport. Their local footprint increased substantially in June 2012 when they purchased most of the former branches of HSBC as the latter exited the western New York market. In October, 2016, they officially became part of KeyBank and some of the branches closed while most were re-designated as KeyBank branches.


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2013-01-21 10:38:07   Not a fan of these guys. Since they bought our HSBC branch we've had no fewer than 10 calls from their* transactions department checking on purely routine credit card charges, plus four instances of one of our two cards being frozen - apparently because we used them in Boston without telling them we were taking an exotic trip. Much more hassle in 6 months than we had in 30+ years with Marine Midland / HSBC. And there's a $5 "international service charge" for using an ATM outside of the US. We'll be seeking a better bank soon.

*Their credit card operations are outsourced. —markjackson

2013-01-21 20:32:35   Try Canandaigua National, we have been with them for years and have been 100% happy with everything. Good local people, decent online banking system, good branch locations (but that depends a lot on where you tend to spend time).

2015-11-11 11:27:35   Selling out to Key Bank. Deal should close around 3Q 2016, assuming regulatory approval. —markjackson

2016-09-01 17:54:22   Assimilation by KeyBank is scheduled to be complete by October 10, 2016. —markjackson

2016-10-14 23:00:55   GBNF - transition to KeyBank was complete as of Tuesday; some branches have closed, others have converted. —markjackson