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See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2012-06-25 14:54:52   HSBC sold their western NY branches in early 2012. Most of them are now First Niagara; a few were closed or sold on to other financial institutions. —MarkJackson

2012-06-25 15:44:18   Yes, as of this week, there are ZERO HSBC bank branches in the Rochester area. —alex-c

2012-06-26 00:18:36   I think the one on Mt Hope is still a HSBC, no? I was there last Thurs and it was still HSBC... —OneLove

2012-06-26 08:28:38   Mt. Hope and Baytowne and Irondequoit Plaza are still showing up on their branch finder. Dunno if these are yet to be transferred or if they remain in place for commercial/investment services. (AIUI the big sale was only to get them out of the retail banking market.) —MarkJackson

2012-06-26 08:31:39   I know Key got one or two branches of HSBC —bonnev659

2012-06-27 11:16:37   Key Bank gets 11 branches in Monroe County (including the 3 mentioned above), according to the list at [WWW] Transition is scheduled for the weekend of July 14-15. —MarkJackson

2012-06-30 22:53:01   If the HSBC bank changed to KeyBank take your money and run for the hills. Every so often the change policies of your account to include extra fees, I've called several times and they "apologize" stating it's the new accounts policy and will then try to sell me something before changing my account to a "free account" again. I've experienced online lockouts so many times I can't keep track. as I use the accounts I have infrequently now, I am locked out until I can get to a bank to prove who I am. Also, I never received an updated card and they wanted to charge me for a "lost card". Lockout happen no matter how I change my settings. KeyBank is a royal P.I.T.A. and I can't stand their service nor the bank. Go anywhere else! OR Support a local credit union instead. —nightlifecher