3S Restaurant & Cafe

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Former Location
35 Chestnut Street, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED in 2006

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

3S Restaurant & Cafe was:



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2005-07-22 06:06:36   Was downtown today and stopped in, wow what a lunch! Great food and the portions are amazing. —JenSwanson

2005-08-03 09:40:04   Great food, friendly staff. A little off the beaten lunch path downtown, but worth the walk. —AndrewBadera

2006-01-05 00:20:27   errrrrr......closed?? —JayPeek

2006-08-30 20:13:34   yeah, definitely closed...it really didn't stand a chance so close to the cadillac motel —RachelBlumenthal