Samba Cafe

Former Location
350 State St, Rochester NY, 14608

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2011-09-29 15:49:28   delicious food, and Claire and Paolo are so nice. I've had a lot of Latino/Hispanic food that was very greasy and heavy, but this was not the case here. The pork was cut from the loin as opposed to shoulder, but it was still juicy and flavorful. Awesome. Ask for some of their hot sauce too, it's really unique and packs an awesome kick. I will definitely becoming back. —DavidRoberts

2011-11-11 12:25:30   This place is great! Try it out if you are in high falls for lunch. —dtay2827

2012-01-10 19:17:31   Great big portions. Fresh food. Owner very nice! Recommend —Mreich

2012-01-14 16:44:57   Big portions and the owner is helpful and nice to talk with. Could use a little more spice. —ScottHendler

2013-08-20 21:34:01   My go-to place for lunch. Delicious wraps, especially the Brazilian beef. Try the home made condiments if you need more spice. —thomaspawlik

2014-05-21 19:55:08   Looks like this place is closed. —thomaspawlik

2014-05-21 20:02:15   It says on their website they're "temporarily closed" under the location and hours section. Maybe they're looking to relocate? —JoshStone

2014-10-19 20:51:50   Closed. Sign on the building removed. —thomaspawlik