Flavors of Asia


FofA.jpgFlavors of Asia, 5-2008

Former Location
831 South Clinton Ave, Rochester NY 14620
Status (as of August 2023)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2013-12-04 17:37:32   Again, despite the comments by OneLove(obviously not for the plight of slaughtered animals), this is a modestly priced restaurant that serves excellent dishes. If you don't like the meat dishes then you can get vegetarian or tofu, or go to McDonalds. It won't kill you like the chickens or cows. I worked in the restaurant/catering business many years ago so I know food considering we prepared a luncheon for Julia Child, James Beard, catered to other visiting celebrities as well as catered affairs where the prices ranged from $40 to $65 per person, and this was many years ago. For the price the food is excellent. For someone to say price does not matter just shows how naive and uneducated they are about the restaurant catering buisness. —RichieGuy

2016-06-16 11:48:12   Another new owner, so another slight increase in cost. We already noticed changes in the food (again), neither better or worse, just different. Another nice paint job, and another newly printed menu. It's one hell of a glossy booklet, so prices should be set for awhile (less they spend another small fortune reprinting). —URalum

2017-11-29 10:24:51   We used to love Flavors of Asia, but a recent visit turned us off. Since it was a Monday and restaurants are often closed, we checked online and noticed a note that it was under new management—but due to the lack of updates, we couldn't tell if it was recently or not. Anyhow, we stuck with two items we regularly get and the flavor was considerably different. My spicy garlic with eggplant was neither spicy nor garlic: more like sweet-and-sour. I tried a variation with fried rice which was, as best I could tell, just steamed rice colored yellow—really. We had grown accustomed to really excellent food and found this night's meal to be more akin to a Panda Express order. —JasonOlshefsky