Northside Inn

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Former Location
311 N Washington St, East Rochester, NY 14445 [Directions]

See Gone, but not forgotten

There are quite a few pictures of golfers on the walls, from the events played at the nearby Oak Hill Country Club, if you like golf, you might appreciate them.


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2006-11-05 20:02:21   Great food and lots of it. A good place to bring your family. I have never had a bad meal there either. —ScottHendler

2007-01-25 08:09:04   Excellent restaurant. Waitresses were very nice to us and our daughter. The food tasted great. I just wish they hasd a better selection of beer in tap. —JasonWilder

2007-08-06 17:49:20   Great Italian and local dishes...prices are a bit high to un upstater but you'd pay a lot more for food this good in a large city...I've never had a bad meal or bad service at the Northside either. —DonaldBoldt

2008-05-06 16:21:58   Great restaurant thats been there forever.

Good portions, classic East Rochester restaurant. —MrRochester

2009-01-11 09:15:39   I got take-out from The Northside instead of my favorite (Michellina's). The sauce had too much acid and is definitely not "addicting" like my previously mentioned favorite place for take-out. —DabeernFooddude

2009-10-18 22:21:40   Went here tonight for our anniversary dinner. I had Center Portion Steak...wasn't bad but I've had better. Wife had Gnocchi which was fine. Customer Service issues: 1) Waitress (Kristen) didn't introduce herself, yet she did to table next to us in a significantly friendlier manner. 2) When she approached our table to put food down she never let us know she was there and startled us more then once. 3) When she came w/ the Salads she put them down on the bread plates we were currently using (again startled us). 4) She was unaware that the Prime Rib had run out LAST NIGHT and wasn't available tonight (it was 5:30pm). 5) As a person w/ a physical disability, I take offense that she wouldn't talk to or interact w/ me directly. She went over my order with my wife as if what I said was never heard and she gave the check to my wife originally as well as when she brought back the Credit Card to be signed. This despite MY giving her the CC having MY name on it and the fact that I handed the CC to her.

I did speak to the Manager who said he would be addressing the situation with the waitress and sending us a Gift Certificate —PeteB

2009-10-22 10:50:45   Went to the Northside for dinner on Tuesday with my boyfriend and another male friend. My first impression when sitting down is that they could desperately use new menus as they were pretty ratty and torn. This was my first clue that this wasn't going to be a stellar dinner.

The service was terrible. I ordered a bottle of wine and the server brought it with the foil still on the top of the bottle. Who ever opened it never peeled it off, just pulled the cork through it. Needless to say, when she poured it, the excess foil on the top caused her to spill it all over the table and on my boyfriend's lap. Call me old fashioned, but I ordered the bottle which meant I should have tasted it. Nope-the server just called out to the table "who wants to try it?". Even though there was only 3 of us, she couldn't manage to remember who ordered what salad or entree and just "auctioned" them off. The final moment was when our MALE friend paid with his card, yet she handed it back to me (a female). Did you even look at the name on the card??

The food was decent. Salads (which were included with the meal) were incredibly sad—limp iceberg lettuce garished sparingly with a few veggies including a tomato wedge that looked about a week old. Luckily the entrees were better. Both of my companions said their meals were good (gnocchi and lasagna). I ordered artichoke french w/ pasta which I have a hard time finding in most restaurants (most just serve the appeitzer version). It was a large portion, swimming with artichokes but I found the sauce to be a little thick. Overall, I may go back, but only if I can't find a decent artichoke french anywhere else ;)

2009-11-10 07:27:07   Used to be our favorite, has really gone down hill. Too expensive and inconsistent. The chicken Florentine is awesome though. —tabascograz

2009-11-25 19:46:22   NOTE: The Northside Inn owner has approached me with concerns over postings here. While I have informed him he can post his own comments, he has stated to me that if anyone has concerns over the restaurant, please contact the owner directly by calling the restaurant and asking for Don Verni (the owner). —PeteB

2010-03-29 19:16:14   We went Saturday on a Gift Check sent as a result from the poor treatment on 2009-10-18. I had the Prime Rib/wife had the Gnocchi. Service was 100% better than our previous visit. Menus appeared to be new. Food was outstanding. —PeteB

2010-07-10 20:40:59   Went there tonight after having lackluster appetizers at another (pricier) East Rochester bistro. The server was great, the atmosphere very welcoming. Best of all, I had a Fettucine Alfredo unlike any I had ever had before... fresh pasta thoroughly coated with the gravy. Thick, flavorful, and delicious - not that I could eat it all. My wife thorougly enjoyed her Eggplant Parm and we are already looking forward to our next visit. Recommended if you enjoy old school Italian. —wdrazek

2010-07-27 00:04:25   I've been eating at Northside since I was a teenager 25 years ago. It's an East Rochester treasure with great food and an atmosphere that, although on the louder side, still allows for a good dinnertime conversation. My personal favorites are the linguine with white clam sauce and the Chicken a la Nox. —Bri715

2010-08-03 21:29:22   The BEST Italian food I have ever had! The food is superb, my favorite is the Sicilian Calamari. The server was friendly, attentive, and was knowledgeable about the menu. All around fantastic family run establishment! —olives178

2010-08-22 22:39:32   I went there tonight for dinner-seriously amazing italian food! Everything from the salads, to my main entree, the linguine with broccoli and clam was outstanding. They have the best sauce in town, hands down, it's not gross and sweet like some others i've had around town. What I really enjoyed was that the service was quick, but we never felt rushed, our waitress was extremely friendly, and professional. The food came out piping hot, and as usual I devoured every last bite! The homemade cheesecake that I had for dessert was just as impressive as the rest of the meal, a huge slice, served with a generous amount of strawberries. The best meal I've had in a long time! —ashhhley3421

2012-06-24 23:19:54   We love The Northside! Great food, and great service- Gina is a sweetheart. —jimb123