Princess Restaurants


Princess Dewey side at Ridge Rd W 20100428.jpgOld closed Princess view from Dewey Ave Side, Ridge Road Location April 2010

Former Locations
Monroe Avenue and Elmwood Avenue at Twelve Corners, Brighton - original
833 Lake Ave Rochester, NY 14613-2006
440 West Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14615
[WWW]Trip for Lake Avenue location, #423 of 838 restaurants in Rochester
[WWW] review: ...was good ... while it was around. The place is now closed

Princess Restaurants are Gone, but not forgotten


Princess Restaurant - They were known for being 24 hour diners, having a variety of foods including some Greek.
The last one closed a few years ago, on Lake Avenue, first cutting back hours, then gone, but the building is still there.
Previously Princess Restaurant II at 440 Ridge Road West Closed - building still there (other restaurants tried opening there, but with Kodak diminished, there was not enough business in the area, across the street from the Peppermill Restaurant)
Before that, in 1999, the original one in Brighton at Twelve Corners closed - demolished to be replaced by a chain Drug Store.
(Prior to it being a Brighton Princess, there was a Howard Johnson's Restaurant at that location.)

References can still be found on the internet: (and Why not to believe certain websites:)
[WWW]833 Lake Ave location on, listed separately too.
[WWW] - Restaurants still listed with errors (April 2010) Princess Restaurant 440 Ridge Rd E Rochester, NY 14615 585-621-3335 - Casual family dining. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. and Princess Restaurant 833 Lake Ave Rochester, NY 14613-2006 585-458-4889
RocWiki Writer's (JG) NOTE: 1. They closed years ago 2. Ridge Rd W not E. 3. Name on Ridge Rd. was Princess Restaurant 2 (or II)
[WWW]Restaurant still listed on
[WWW]and the old menu is available for comparisons! on for AllMenus (April 2010)
[WWW]- on Yahoo Local, They show the restaurant as probably closed, and a list of the foods that were on the menu (price ranges no specifics) and a map
and finally
[WWW]Old List of what George Ferguson liked in Rochester, c.1994-2002 Some places are still open, many closed, many short reviews, including Princess in Brighton. (as of April 2010)


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