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This page is for discussing the contents of Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Editing Changes for Closed Entries (From June 19, 2011 wiki meeting)



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2008-09-04 07:51:54   I'm all for removing contact information; if people want the phone number, they can look in the page history. I wonder if our Illustrious Tech Wizards could create a [[Closed]] macro that would disable mapping and redact address macro content so there was no accidental click through. —DaveMahon

2008-09-04 08:20:57   My vision of RocWiki includes the preservation of a rich ongoing history (even our recent past) of the community which provides our local residents, past residents and those interested in Rochester with access to the communities retained knowledge. Some Examples: I have been working on a Personal History to pass on to my family. What a delight it would be to be able to access information about some Gone, But Not Forgotten restaurant where I shared some special time with family or friends. How many promotions, baby births, weddings, graduations, or other special moments have a special connection to one of these truly NOT FORGOTTEN places. There are lots of uses for the historical data - so lets preserve it and not even worry how or why the future data miners wish to use it. I especially liked DaveMahon's reference to the previous version. I will add a note above on some suggestions. —BradMandell

2008-09-09 23:23:05   My comments from earlier are now gone.... but Dave, some of the addresses here are a very strong part of the history of each of these businesses. What if it is a new user who doesn't understand how to look up history??? Are we making it MORE DIFFICULT to let people find the info they may want? —PeteB

2008-09-09 23:39:55   Pete, your comments are available directly via the LINK at the top fo this page. I understand your question completely and have addressed it specifically above toward the end in Existing Content of Page. The retained (and searchable entry would have the name of the place, and the address text PLUS whatever the Closing Editor deemed as keyword or key text for search retention. For many of the CLOSED entries, nothing more need be retained. Further, it might be more appropriate to include some descriptive text in the corresponding Gone But Not Forgotten entry - for example "Closed Restaruant — Mexican, casual, served Park Avenue district prior to 2004" —BradMandell

2008-09-10 10:15:49   A note on implementation. Instead of setting bgcolor in our tables, we can just set class='closed' and then use the site CSS to update the colors as needed. Likewise, we should probably transition to using class='heading' to set our lovely blue table headers. Using classes also eliminates the need to manually bold the text, which will help with mismatched quotes. —DaveMahon

2008-09-10 11:20:26   Dave, Can you point me to (or send me) any documentation on what CSS facilities are available and what RocWiki- specific parameters are currently avaliable or planned. I will be glad to then update the proposal to include that information. Thanks - got prep for, conference call, and follow-up until later this afternoon/evening. Will check back later. —BradMandell

2008-09-10 12:07:16   Wow - thats a bug (refers to duplicate posting of above message, subsequently deleted) - and I think I have see it before. I believe that if you Post a Comment or save an edit, the resulting displayed page thinks it is still in Preview Mode. If you happen to F5 refresh, or go back to the page with Back and Forward buttons, you can get the strange result of double posting the same Comment or Change. —BradMandell

2008-09-12 00:03:42   Since RocWiki uses a table based layout, we're limited to CSS Level 1, which allows us automated formatting, but no layout control. And AdminGroup member would add code to the site CSS resembling td.header {background-color:#E0E0FF;font-weight:bold;} td.closed {background-color:##ffe0e0;} . Then the contributor would create the table using markup like ||<class='header'>Address|| or ||<class='closed'>Address||. The browser would automatically apply the formatting consistently across every page using the class markup and it would also make it easier to provide voice or print formatting as well. —DaveMahon

2008-10-01 17:27:53   There has been no further discussion and no consensus reached about color coding or additional Archive macros.

There seems to be some agreement and a compelling issue to remove the Address Macros from the entries to clean up the Maps.

There is also a need to unlink the entries from their categories so they don't appear in a Linked To list on the Category pages. Keeping the text will keep them in Search results.

There is also a need to remove invalid information such as outdated phone numbers, website addresses, old reviews that are now bad links or links to invalid information. Retaining a lot of invalid web links within RocWiki could impact its search engine scores for reliability.

To that end, I am going through the listings and performing those edits as well as removing the color coding and whimsy changes which some found objectionable.

I will update this page later.

2008-10-01 18:22:22   I think it looks better as you're doing it now Brad —PeteB

2009-01-03 22:09:12   You should add Tano's pizza grill to the "gone but not forgotten" list. —ShannonLane

2009-07-28 19:01:18   Recommend removing all closing date info from GBNF...all the closed items have closing dates on them individually as best I could figure out —PeteB

2013-10-09 21:30:54   i wrote an article about the funny farm store how do i add the info i researched to this page?? —rochesterteenset

2017-02-11 19:12:11   I am researching a club called Mr. Wonderful. Black club.Blues musicians. There in 1969. Albert King played. Anyone have info-photos etc. Seems to have vanished from this world. It was out of this world then. "Mr. Wonderful" Thanks JackBrown —JackBrown

2017-05-04 20:31:34   Before it was Hungry's, before it was a Pontillo's - was 10 State Street; Pittsford, NY 14534 - next to Thirsty's, called: Noah's Ark pizza? Or something similar? —RonFazar

2020-03-30 21:33:33   What about the clubs The Orange Monkey, The Mason Jar, E.R. Junction and T.C. Rockers —TheLittleTrollsthenTheTrolls

2022-10-17 13:34:25   I can't believe there are so many missing, "Gone, but not forgotten" restaurants! For example, Costello's in Fairport (Corner of Fairport and Baird Rd.'s) that had HUMONGOUS calzones and all-you-can-eat pizza on Sunday nights. How about, The Imperial Chinese Restaurant on Clinton? We used to do karaoke there, every week! Another one, many might not remember, was Grisanti's. The Italian place on the corner of E. Henrietta and Crittendon, right near 390. Unfortunately, I don't have the dates that these locations closed, but maybe someone does and can add entries for them. —ScooterPickle