Significant Rochester related events which occurred in 2004

Rochester events during the year of 2004
May 8 Police respond to Colonypalooza party of 500+ on RIT campus.
Jul 9 PAETEC Park construction began.
Oct Patrick O'Rorke Bridge replaced the Stutson Street Bridge.
Nov 19 RocWiki.org URL registered.
1974 Highland Park Time Capsule discovered.
Abby Wambach and the U.S. soccer team won an Olympic gold medal.
Ballantyne Bridge reconstruction started.
CUnet started.
Diann Roffe inducted into the U.S. [wikipedia]National Ski Hall of Fame.
Douglass-Anthony Bridge construction started.
Fast Ferry began daily service.
Pink Fuzzy Bunnies Hockey founded.
Points of Harmony Acupuncture opened.
Rochester Insider debuted.
Strong Museum expansion started.


Rochester Openings in 2004
Month Unknown Open Face Sandwich Eatery
January Top Notch Barbering


Rochester Closings in 2004
Fantastic Records closed.
Montana Mills closed.
Jillian's closed.

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