CUnet is an internet marketing company that connects colleges to prospective students. CUnet finds most of its prospects from an affiliate network. It also attracts students through pay-per-click and organic search engine marketing.

The Rochester office hosts the technology and project management offices for the company, where it employs, as of Summer 2007, 15+ web developers (using the ColdFusion language) and 30+ people in total. The New Jersey headquarters in Paramus has 70+ employees. The business started in 2004, and in 2005, there were approximately 5 people in the Rochester office and 15 in NJ. From its high rate of revenue growth, the company was poised to be in the Inc Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the nation, but it was bought out by Nelnet in 2006. Nelnet, an education financing and planning company, has been diversifying its lines of business outside of student loans throughout the 2000's.

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