Significant Rochester related events which occurred in 2005

Rochester events during the year of 2005
Apr Craigslist deploys their [WWW]Rochester presence.
Dec Patricia Malgieri was appointed Deputy Mayor of Rochester.
Brother Wease treated for nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
City of Rochester bought the Fast Ferry.
Eastman Theater renovated.
Joel Seligman's first year as president of the University of Rochester.
John Lightfoot elected to Rochester City Council.
RocWiki's first full year of operation.
University of Rochester became Rochester's largest employer.


Rochester Openings in 2005
May 7 The Job Wire website launched.
July Boulder Coffee Co. established.
Baobab Cultural Center founded.
Black and Blue restaurant opened in Pittsford.
Dressed N Style Boutique
Holy Smokes BBQ Catering created
Makyo Star founded.
Pittsford Public Library new building opened.
Reckless Necklace jewelry line founded.
Rochester RazorSharks founded.
Seasons of Fairport opened.
Slayton Place opened.
So, Grow Recordings established.
THEY improv founded.
Tora-con started.
Xerox Classic golf tournament started.

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