April 22 -23, 2017

Tora-Con is an annual anime convention held by the RIT Anime Club, run annually since spring 2005.

Tora-Con is a two day annual convention hosted on the Rochester Institute of Technology since spring 2005. The convention features a number of events which include Cosplay Contest, an anime music video contest, performances, vendor's room, artist alley, game rooms, concerts, dance, panels, workshops and much more. The convention is run by the Rochester Institute of Technology Anime Club.


Tora-Con was started in 2005 at the Anime Club's 10th Anniversary and was one day convention centred mainly around Cosplay Contest.

Meaning of the name

The word "Tora" in Japanese means "Tiger." Since a tiger is the mascot for RIT, it was combined with the word convention to form the name "Tora-Con."[WWW]Get your geek on at RIT's Tora-Con. Rochester Metromix. Retrieved July 14 2013


Tora-Con has many events geared to a wide range of audience.

Cosplay Contest

Tora-Con started from a small cosplay event held by the RIT Anime Club in 2004. Because of that, Tora-Con views cosplay contest as one of the most important events during the con and usually boasts with the biggest attendance.

Concert and Dance

Every year Tora-Con has a concert and a dance. Tora-Con invites a different band each year.

Vocaloid Concert

New addition in 2012. Run by the creator of [WWW]Animiku, the event in 2012 attracted a great attention as it was the first ever Hatsume Miku Vocaloid Concert on the East coast [WWW]AniMiku to Host First Ever Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Concert on the East Coast!. Retrieved July 14 2013. The interest for the event was overwhelming and the event was scheduled to return to Tora-Con next year.

In 2013 the Vocaloid concert returned to Tora-Con for the second time with much bigger list and in better location then previous year. The success of the concert guaranteed that it would return for the foreseeable future.

Both concerts were recorded and are available to be seen on Youtube.

AMV Contest

Animated Music Video Contest is a traditional contest at Tora-Con.

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess is the main performance event of Tora-Con.

Organizational Structure

Tora-Con is organized by the RIT Anime Club, which is a non-profit student organization.
Till 2014 Tora-Con chair was held by the Anime Club president and the major posts were held by the Anime Club Executive board. Additional post on the staff were held by alumni club members or volunteers form the club. After Tora-Con 2013 it was clear that it was too stressful for one person to be both chair of Tora-Con while at the same time be the president of one of the biggest club at RIT and therefore the position of chair was now being assigned.
Tora-Con does not have any paid position and since it's organized by a university club the positions usually change year by year.

Tora-Con accepts applications from the public for volunteering/enforcing. If you are selected as an enforcer or volunteer then you will be responsible for helping out during the convention. This may include managing lines for events, enforcing the [WWW]convention rules, helping out the special guests, giving directions to attendees, and so on. Enforcers and volunteers will be identifiable at the convention by their shirts and badges.


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