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Brother Wease was a long-time morning radio personality at WCMF-FM 96.5. His real name is Alan Levin.

His morning show, always popular with the young male demographic, was known for raunchy content from time to time in the 1980s, but Brother Wease attracted the notice of the radio industry in the late 1990s when he successfully fended off competition from Howard Stern's syndicated show. Until going head-to-head with Wease, Stern had routinely steamrolled morning drive competitors in the various markets in which his show was aired. In Rochester, Stern was able to wrest away the lead in some demographics from time to time but was unable to score a knockout blow.

Wease was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma behind his nose in February 2005 and underwent radiation treatment in New York City; the treatment was declared successful in August 2005.

Brother Wease was voted "Sexiest Radio Voice (Male)" in City Newspaper's Best Of Awards for 2007.1

At the end of 2007, WCMF-FM and several other Rochester radio stations were purchased by Entercom communications. Several longtime DJ's were let go and Brother Wease started contract negotiations with Entercom in the beginning of 2008. On February 7, 2008, it was reported in the news and on the show that Brother Wease would not be returning to WCMF.

On February 27, 2008 it was announced that Brother Wease will be returning to the air with a new morning show on the Clear Channel-owned station [WWW]WQBW (95.1 -The Brew).

In 2009, Brother Wease was voted "Best Radio Personality (Male)" in City Newspaper's 'Best of Rochester' awards.2

In 2015, he was voted "Best Local Radio Personality" in City Newspaper's 'Best of Rochester' Awards.3


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2008-02-07 09:31:14   Good luck, Brother Wease, your fans will find you. —DarrenKemp

2008-02-08 13:28:40   I've been listening to Brother Wease for the past 20 years or so - this morning I changed my car radio and my office radio to anther station. I didn't always agree with Wease, but I enjoyed his controversial subjects. Seems like an old friend as I've been through so much with him - marriages, divorce, his illness, and Bill's camp. Good luck Wease. We'll all miss you (and CMF) —MarySchultheis

2008-02-08 14:46:57   WCMF is station-non-grata in our home and vehicles. I think the long "negotiations" were a stalling tactic to test out Mule and the others on their own w/out Wease. I think they didn't plan to bring him back the whole freakin time... —PeteB

2008-02-08 19:34:30   I liked Wease but I am sticking to Tommy and Moran-imal in the morning. They are hilarious. —BadFish

2009-02-28 00:01:29   Wease is massively overpaid and with his new "crew", he seems to simply be going through the motions of a morning show and cashing a check. Zero chemistry there. At least with the Break Room, there is some chemistry and some history. If given the choice between the two, I'd listen to The Break Room 99 times out of 100. —BatGuano