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The Radio page provides information and discussion about Rochester region radio stations and radio broadcasting.




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2006-09-15 05:14:26   WBER is the only station that matters. That's all. —KarenMask

2006-12-08 14:14:40   WBER is The Clash? —Roc4Life

2008-06-28 21:24:51   Added link to WITR page —TomVachon

2008-08-13 12:51:07   WBER is the only station that matters. —EugeneCain

2009-05-16 16:10:24   Moved Soundbytes from WHAM to WGMC, WHAM radio changed to the late Paul Harvey, did not remove it at this time - that is up to a later edit or site editors right now - Will remove it and add Sports info and other info if someone requests it - but that is all on their website. —JackGreenky

2009-12-21 10:32:18   WXXI is the only station I enjoy listening to. —BobJohnson

2011-11-22 21:42:38   WRMM is doing it again: 6 solid weeks of Christmas music. Lord, help us, please! If they subjected the prisoners at Guantanamo to this drivel 24 hours a day until AFTER NEW YEAR'S, the world court would probably consider it a 'war crime'..... —Alex-C