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70 Commercial Street, Rochester NY 14614
585 222 6000 (Studio)

WCMF has been broadcasting rock on 96.5 FM since 1969, when it began as first an underground, then a progressive or AOR (album-oriented rock") radio station. It is now considered a heritage or classic rock station. It transmits at 50,000 watts from Pinnacle Hill in Brighton. It's studios are in the High Falls District.

WCMF is quite possibly best known for Alan Levin, aka Brother Wease, the morning drive time DJ who successfully competed with Howard Stern's show (back when he was still on terrestrial radio). As of February 7, 2008, "Brother Wease" is no longer employed at 'CMF, but now hosts a competing morning show on Clear Channel's WFXF ("Fox 95.1").

In late 2007 WCMF was sold to [WWW]Entercom Communications. At this time several long time DJ's including Dave Kane, Mark Kronin, and Dino Kaye were laid off. Also, morning show host Brother Wease entered contract negotiations with the new company but they eventually stalled and were not able to reach an agreement. At this time it was announced that Brother Wease would not be returning and that the morning show would continue with the existing talent.

The current WCMF morning show is called "The Break Room" and features several regular co-hosts, including Bill Moran, Tommy Mule', Sally Carpenter, and "Christian Dan" Borrello.

In February 2008 it was announced that Dave Kane had been rehired at WCMF to run the midday show and as a Program Director.

Brian Robinson, hosts "Afternoons With Robinson" weekdays in the afternoon drive slot.


Sally Carpenter of WCFM was voted "Best Sexiest Radio Voice (Female)" in City Newspaper's 'Best Of' Awards in 2008.1


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2006-11-07 17:15:10   In the day, it was known for progressive album oriented rock—Today it's classic rock. That's a nice way of saying its old folks music. —MrPhil

2007-11-29 17:03:06   Today it was announced that WCMF was bought up by Entercom. Entercom is another giant corporate conglomerate who believes in money over people. DJ's such as Dave Kane, Dino Kaye, and Mark Cronin were laid off and will presumably be replaced by out of town talent or automated programming. It's a sad day for Rochester radio. —DarrenKemp

2007-11-29 18:17:21   Very very upsetting....irreplacable talent has been cut —PeteB

2007-11-30 20:10:49   These stations still practice the art of programming:

WITR (89.7), WRUR (88.5), WXXI-FM(91.5)/AM (1370), WGMC (90.1), WDKX (103.9) and WBER (90.5) —MrPhil

2008-01-14 20:42:47   Great station but leaving the city makes me angry. WHY WEASE?? Maybe in the morning they could comment on the "D.O.A. Daily Farm Report". I'd love to see a page on history of a ROC Radio/TV broadcast. —NateRiley1

2008-03-13 18:26:39   I am search of photo's or other memorabilia from the WCMF four car drag race team of 1975 & 1976. e-mail: cjy@rochester.rr.com.ChrisYates