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Frequency and Band
88.5 MHz FM
Licensed Power
15,100 Watts - Pinnacle Hill
Pinnacle Hill [WWW]Google Map
585 275 9787 (ASK-WRUR) - Todd Request Line
585 258 0283 - Studio 280 Request Line
Mailing Address
WRUR - U of R
CPU Box 277356, Rochester, NY 14627
WRUR-FM - PO Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603-3021
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WRUR (88.5 FM) - FM radio station provided by joint arrangement between WXXI and the University of Rochester broadcasts NPR news and eclectic music programming. AAA music format with specialty shows.

WRUR WXXI Partnership

Throughout the workday, you can tune in to our unique sound blending rock, soul, blues and folk. Our playlist mingles classic tunes with the latest in adult alternative music. Stay up-to date with NPR news every weekday, with Morning Edition from 5-9am and All Things Considered from 4-6pm. Plus, check out WRUR's student DJs and their niche programming every weeknight starting at 8pm, as well as specialty programming early evening and on the weekends" 1

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2011-11-11 14:04:15   i have to say that on 11/11/11 , i found no phone number listed at the wrur.org page, other than a sponsorship contact. In a bit of an overstatement, this is nearly criminal. If they don't want phone calls, fine, put a note on the 'about' page: "no phone calls accepted". Of course, any listener knows they accept calls, but, come on... this is the second millenium, the internet is beyond teen years... get the basics right.... oh, and if you offer a link to search playlists, please make sure it is correctly coded so that it returns some data, any data... rather than being a supreme time waster and pure aggravation stoker. holy budda.

— Finally, i know this is not the place to post a coding comment about the rocwiki site, and i give a break to a totally volunteer organization like this, but i am not finding the italics method are functioning using double quotes.... perhaps it is my old safari, running on an old mac ppc. i tried a little bit of html like using p's and i's, not finding they are recognized either, but been ages since i tried those anywherecrank