[wikipedia]Craigslist is a private, for-profit, company that operates and manages a collection of regional websites, specializing in free online classifieds and various forums1. Craiglist pays its bills by charging for classified Job Postings. They have a wide variety of topics and categories, including employment, various types of goods for sale, and services (from the mundane to the... adult-oriented, if you will).

The Rochester regional website, [WWW]Rochester.Craigslist came online in April 2005.

If your organization, community, business, church, etc is listed in RocWiki and you post an entry on Craigslist, link your post to the appropriate page on RocWIki. If you are discussing a subject, for which RocWiki has good information, post a link to the RocWiki Article.

If you see something amusing (tasteful please) that is Oh So Rochester, feel free to let our RocWiki community know.

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2005-08-18 16:48:23   Is anyone else watching Rants & Raves collapse with the same morbid sense of fascination that I am? —RobertPolyn

2005-08-19 16:41:20   Everyone rants how no one rants. Or else they tell a dead baby joke. —JenniferRamsey

2005-08-20 14:02:43   The recent racist comments are pretty amusing —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-08-20 15:09:59   It's kind of like a bloody car wreck — You know you shouldn't look at it but you do anyway. —JohnMoriello

2005-08-22 07:12:40   Whatever's happening on the rant+rave page, the For Sale, Housing, and other pages are still extremely useful. —TobinFricke

2006-02-05 03:23:29   Craigslist update, for those too depressed to look: it's even worse. Unfortunately no new tragicomedies have been spotted, save the entire casual encounters section. Why can't Rocehster get funny ranters like DC and SF? —JonRobins

2007-07-07 17:41:32   we used it to get a great deal on a baby crib for our upcoming little one... the person i worked with was great and i'm happy with the outcome! haven't seen much else that suits my fancy yet though! —JcPop

2007-09-25 13:11:04   Rants and Raves seems to have been overrun by three alternating sets of trolls. The first group posts white supremacist nonsense. The second has a thing for East Side versus West Side. And the third is a group of high school graduates who apparently used to be friends, but fell out and have taken their disagreement to Craigslist. —DaveMahon

2009-03-04 07:16:10   For history, see also Amusing Craigslist Posts ([WWW]direct link) --["Users/BradMandell"