Black and Blue

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3349 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford NY, 14534 [Directions]In Pittsford Plaza
Handicap accessible
Yes - narrow entry features a sharp turn, some areas inaccessible
Hours (as of December 2015)
Monday - Friday: 11:30AM to 2:30PM
Monday - Thursday: 4:30PM to 10:00PM
Friday: 4:30PM to 11:00PM
Saturday: 4:00PM to 11:00PM
Sunday: 4:00PM to 9:00PM
585 421 8111
<kwein AT BlackAndBlueSteakAndCrab DOT com>
[WWW]2011-04-06 City Newspaper review

Black and Blue is a steak and crab upscale restaurant which opened in Pittsford in the spring of 2005. Specialty is seared beef served rarer than medium-rare called "Blue" - hence the part of the name. Trendy interior, superior cocktails, good wine list, good food - expect to pay $25-50 per person depending upon what you get.


Black and Blue was voted "Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying" in City Newspaper's 'Best Of' awards in 2009.1


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2008-02-05 08:35:46   I had high hopes for the food; unfortunately, it’s just OK. The steaks and seafood were fine but –-especially because of price — the food should be exceptional. The atmosphere is very posh, although it’s hard to hold on to that ambiance knowing that Black and Blue is situated in a strip mall. —LauraKenyon

2008-02-27 10:43:48   Go someplace else. Mediocre food at high prices. Sea bass was served cool and side dishes were cold! Informed waiter and was offered another COLD sidedish. Husband's steak was overcooked in both Rochester and Buffalo locations! Great place if you are pretentious and quality of food is secondary. —MarshaBrady

2008-03-27 20:33:14   Well....The fillet was very tender but a bit too salty. The service can be excellent depending on the waiter or waitress you get. It is very pricey but the atmosphere makes up for the prices. The patrons can be a bit obnoxious and loud the same as 2Vine but ignore them and have another martini. —JamesPatrick

2008-03-29 13:32:10   My wife and I were in for dinner a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday night. We waited almost an HOUR for our food, and when we finally got it, both steaks were overcooked and side dishes were cold. When we brought it to our servers attention, they said we could wait for the kitchen to cook 2 new steaks. We said no becaue we didn't want to wait another hour. A manager never came to the table to apologize, and was no were to be seen. Overall very disappointing. This was not our first bad experience there, but it will be our last! Over-priced and over-rated. —PaulGreen

2008-03-30 17:28:55   Steaks are good not great. Services is very friendly and professional.
Make sure you don't get a table in the center of the dining room...get a booth on the outside. —RochesterSecrets

2008-05-16 15:34:49   I've eaten here twice, and enjoyed both times. However, I've decided that I don't really enjoy the "black" part of the steak, I'd rather it just be cooked normally. That is not to say the steak is bad, it's just not to my personal liking. The last time I was here, my boyfriend's parents really enjoyed both of their seafood dishes. The service was great, and it's a nice place for a special meal even though it's a bit loud. —SaraChristine

2008-09-17 14:39:03   Once was enough for me. I ordered the fried calamari and they served it over sweet potato fries. That's a big no no and leads me to believe they have no idea what they're doing. It makes sense that people say the burgers are good. —DonNickasonJr

2008-09-21 10:35:14   I don't understand what is so forbidden about the sweet potato fries with calamari. To me it seems innovative- An attempt to be different from every other calamari with salty toppings. Adding sweetness to the saltiness. Sometimes service can be hit or miss, as well as the food. Overall, a decent place if you go during the week. Somewhat pricey and hopefully they will change their menu up a bit soon. Their crab and lobster fondue is amazing! —NightlifeCher

2008-10-04 13:42:57   I'm not "trendy" enough for this place, I suppose. Food was okay - nothing to write home about. Comments about a large portion of the wait staff being young, overly casual for the environment, and picking inopportune times to interrupt your conversation to ask inconsequential questions - very well-founded. I also think my opinion was affected by the table behind my date needing to talk about their sex toys way too loud because of the music (also way too loud). Considering we were there late (Reservation at 10), I would hate to hear it at more "peak" hours. In general, the atmosphere isn't meant for "table for two" type occasions.

In short: pretty place, mostly edible food (no more than that), annoying service, way too loud. Probably not going back. —LindsaySimon

2008-11-03 10:01:48   My wife and I have eaten here 4 times in the past year. Each time wehad really great food. The prices are comparable to other spots in Rochester (2Vine, Edibles, Max, etc). My steaks have always been cooked to perfection, and the crab soup is fantastic. I'll agree on the service though, this past time we were annoyed with the over abundance of people bugging us trying to take plates away, etc. We'll go back again for sure. —GusWeber

2008-12-22 10:52:21   I thought this place was excellent although it may be due to the fact that I was brought up on burnt, charcoal-grilled chuck roasts and venison. It did strike me as a little too "chain restaurant-y" for my tastes. —BatGuano

2009-10-28 11:38:05   I am a big fan of food and love to support the rochester restaurant scene but that will no longer include Black and Blue. The food lacks quality. It reminds me of a chain restaurant hidden under a nice facade. I can usually put "just ok" food aside if it is accompanied by a friendly staff! But to my surprise, the staff was rude, the hostess didn't even greet me, she just looked at the computer and told me it would be a wait. My server seemed to busy chatting to the owner at the bar to be bothered with my family's table. Needless to say, they need to step up their GAME! —P.Andrews

2009-11-18 20:42:10   It's pricy for such mediocre food. The medium-raw ribeye was not tender; I had to chew hard in order to manage swallowing it. My husband and I had much better steak at Rooney's. —Hua

2009-11-20 17:46:11   Been there few times for business dinners but was never impressed with the food. Last time we had to wait very very long for each course of our meal. Personally I don't like my steak that black...the seafood combo appetizer was tasty but a bit pricey. I wouldn't recommend this place unless you really prefer the atmosphere there. —Liren

2009-12-22 12:10:28   Wife and I went on a Friday for a special occassion. I will have to say that I was not overly impressed by the appetizers. Calamari was way to bready and my fried clams were left in the oil longer than needed. That being said, we were both very happy with our meals. Wife had the trout that was cooked very well and was not overpowered by the sauce and rissoto. I opted for the Paellea which I must say was among the best that I have had in the city. I felt the service was good and because we were seated upstairs noise was not a factor.Don't see any reason why we won't return. —almorinelli

2010-06-02 14:58:12   We have eaten here three times and had mixed results. The first time, we went with friends. A server (not ours) kept putting the wrong food in front of us, we'd tell him, and he would remove it and plunk it a few tables down. I don't know how I'd feel if I saw our entrees placed in front of other people. The meat was a bit overdone for the couple we were with, but I had heard they serve it on metal plates (thus hotter), so I ordered mine rare and it came out perfectly medium rare. The sides and desserts are awesome. Second visit: We make our own wine and they obligingly opened it for us, waiving the corking fee when we offered our server a glass to try. Make reservations if you don't want to wait. —LisaRuns

2010-06-25 12:38:18   Been here twice, and it is the definitely the last time. I think this is an ok restaurant at best. The staff here are snobby and rude, with a holier-than-thou attitude but lets face it, this is Rocheste, not South Beach. I had overheard not one, but two other tables complaining of the service and the food. The sides were cold, the lettuce in both our salad's were actually frozen in some places, and the steak, while soft, was ridiculously over salted and seasoned. They waitress was rude when we mentioned our "issues" and literally stormed away while obnoxiously grabbing our plates away. No apologies offered, therefore we would never recommend or come back here ourselves. —R

2011-02-22 12:33:45   I took my girlfriend here for her birthday by her request. It was the first time there for both of us. The reviews from this site combined with the fact I'm a picky eater (don't like Steak) was really making me dread the evening. Turns out I was completely wrong. The food was awesome, my gf had a steak (ate the whole thing) and I had a porkchop (first time ever) and it was delicious. We also ordered the Kobe meatballs appetizer and the chocolate lava cake dessert. From top to bottom the staff (especially Justin, our server) was perfectly experienced and knowledgeable, friendly and sociable. I would return in a heartbeat. —mbetush

2011-07-21 13:58:12   Ate at good old B&B a week or so ago, first time in a while. Usual varied quality, tried the special appetizer, soft shell crab with lobster potato salad. Probably was spoiled at Warfield's a few weeks ago since this wasn't up to scratch (the potato salad looked like it had been left out all day, turning off ever so slightly). But then had a kickin steak (ribeye) and all was well with the world again!!! Wife had shrimp cocktail then steak salad (swapped out blue cheese for goat cheese) and both were pretty good. Good, attentive service and they scored points on my wife's #! restaurant measure.... they served whole-wheat bread!! —sieats

2012-03-13 15:48:26   Beware - Not the best beef.

You sit down at Black & Blue, ready to pay top price for the highest quality steak cooked just how you like it. But what Black & Blue doesn't tell you is that they're serving you USDA Choice beef (according to their Executive Chef). This falls in the middle of the grading system (Prime, Choice, Select) and is the same grade used at chains such as Outback and Longhorn.
Top steakhouses like Peter Luger in New York and even some chains like Morton's and Ruth's Chris use only USDA Prime Cuts of beef.

Actually, among three top Rochester area steakhouses - Black & Blue, Prime Steakhouse and Max Chophouse - only Prime offers USDA Prime steaks every day - a 10 ounce Filet and a 16 ounce Strip. Max Chophouse offers USDA Prime occasionally, but it varies from week to week, so you won't know unless you call ahead that day.

Hopefully Black & Blue will someday step up to the big leagues and offer Rochesterians the best beef available. —UpstateTortoise