Mundo Grill



Former Location
2833 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
CLOSED in 2007

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2005-11-22 12:24:48   Nice place. Freshly baked bread! —MariahBetz

2006-06-10 16:00:29   Definitely like the fact that Mundo changes its menu. They're also the one place in ROC closest to being a 'fusion' place. Food's hit-and-miss, but worthy of stopping in every few months —ChristineLeo

2006-07-26 06:42:43   Visited a few months ago with foodies from Rochester and Manhattan, and all were impressed. I remember the seafood was very fresh, the menu was large and diverse, and the presentation was dramatic. —BenMargolis

2007-01-25 09:48:02   Ate here back in 2005 and ordered the Paella dish (meal for two). It was decent but the dish didn't blow me away, especially considering it's upscale price. —TravisOwens

2007-03-19 12:15:41   Had an excellent dinner here. Started with crab cakes, which were flaky and delicious. My entree consisted of two glazed pork cutlets alongside corn crepes filled with vegetables in brown sauce. The dish was superb. The sweet glaze on the pork chops was perfect next to the savory crepes. My companion was in love with her pan-seared crusted tuna with falafel on the side. She finished off with a piece of homemade (no-bake I think) chocolate cake which she judged to be on-par with the rest of our food. I had a refreshing sorbet in sparkling wine. Our waiter was knowledgeable, polite, and professional. Dinner for two with appetizer, dessert, coffee, and wine was around $100 before tax, and tip, and dining certificate (accepted without hassle), and was certainly worth it. —EastSideStephen

2007-03-22 12:26:20   I've had some delicious food here, along with a few mediocre things, but the mediocre ones aren't enough to keep me from going back. The service is always excellent. Make sure you have reservations—I've been turned away several times without reservations (it's a pretty small place). I had an awesome Surf 'n Turf for Two the first time I went here. I don't remember exactly how it was prepared, but I remember that it came with wasabi mashed potatoes (so good), its presentation was really nice, and I enjoyed it very much. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-06-20 16:07:40   I believe this restaurant is now closed. Driving by, the signs have been removed, the link is down, and the phone number doesn't work. —BrianHughey

2007-08-22 22:05:15   A new restaurant (I assume it's a restaurant, anyway, but couldn't get close enough to see for sure) called Pare is opening or has already opened here. As I was driving by I could see inside a little, and it looked fully furnished. There were a bunch of cars there, but I'm not sure if they were patrons or workers. —RachelBlumenthal