Former Location
2833 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618
CLOSED (as of January 2010)

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2007-10-07 20:18:28   We ate there last night, a Saturday. It wasn't crowded, and everything was excellent. Service was good, though our waitress seemed a little green. —RottenChester

2007-10-18 16:15:54   So is it Pare, as in to pare with a paring knife or "pah ray" as in... um, the ethnic group found in the Kilimanjaro region (thank you Wikipedia)? I would imagine the former, with all its food connotations, but the CamelCase throws me off. —JackCalcines

2007-10-25 12:41:56   Ate there last night. The room is nice. I asked if there was a mixed drink menu and he said "No, but the bartender can make you what you want." This was interesting since there is a drink menu on their site. I started out with the Blackened tuna tartare, that looked unappetizing. It was tasty, but had visual issues. I couldn't taste the "lime + cilantro oil drizzle" and the avocado salsa consisted of two TINY pieces of not quite ripe avocado. Beh. My partner had the pumpkin bisque. It was amazing. I had the Black Pepper Fettuccine for my entree. It was a bit bland. Like it was missing salt, or something. And the pasta was overcooked. My partner had the Apple Chicken something, that was amazing. (See, I just made wrong choices). We had leftovers, that were given to us in cheap PLASTIC BAGS. Really? plastic bags? They couldn't spare the $0.08 cents for a paper bag with handles?

We'll be back though, since there are many items on the menu to try. —MarcVera

2007-12-09 11:57:06   My wife and I went to PaRe yesterday. Good restaurant overall. The menu is diverse and can accommodate different tastes. My appetizer (beef carpaccio) was pretty good, my wife's scallops were OK. For main course, I had lamb, and it was amazing! My wife had some chicken, which was all right. Service was friendly and attentive. Budget for two: appetizer + main course + 1 drink (each), the check should be around $100 before tips. I will probably come there again for the lamb :) —OlGe

2008-01-19 15:46:46   Went for the first time on a Thursday night. Only about 25% of the tables were occupied. Sad thing because the food was excellent. I was part of a party of 5 and everyone was satisfied with their appetizers and main course (especially the seared Ahi Tuna). Since it was not crowded, it was not noisy and you could easily hear conversations with the rest of the table. Not sure if that would be the case if the bar and dining area would be full as the restaurant has an open floor plan a non-tiled ceiling. The service from the bar tender to the waiters were excellent. It is my understanding the name PaRe comes from the owners; (Pa)ul and (Re)becca. —ScottHendler

2008-01-22 14:15:24   We ate here for the first time in October & loved it. We have been back 4 times including New Years Eve & it has gotten better & better. The menu constantly has evolved while keeping our favorites consistent. Plus, it's gorgeus they should post a pic on here. —JoanneTarana

2008-03-07 16:09:02   My wife and I ate here on a saturday night a few weeks back. Surpirsingly, most tables were wide open at 8pm when we arrived. The service was excellent, as was the Vietnamese noodle soup. My wife had the pizza appetizer for her entre, and it was decent. My entre was the ahi tuna. The tuna was cooked to perfection, but the miso sauce that it was in was almost like drinking corn syrup it was so sweet. I ended up eating the tuna on the bread plate. Overall, decent experience. We'll probably try back again in a few months. —GusWeber

2008-04-06 12:28:58   This place is the definition of "try hard." Our waiter was pushy and snobby. When asked about what wines were good, he defaults to the most expensive available on the list (which was meager to say the least.) The owners of the restaurant were very attentive to other tables, yet for some reason they didn't pay us a visit. Atmosphere is reminiscent of a Vegas night club. The food was OK, but extremely overpriced for what it is. I should have known my logic was flawed when the reason I wanted to go here in the first place was because I had read there was typically no wait. Now I understand why. I give this place another 6 months before the novelty wears off and the snooty owners realize their restaurant is awful. I guess you could say I had a very "subPaRe" experience (couldn't resist, sorry.) —PeeweeMcHerman

2008-04-09 21:07:13   Nice trendy restaurant.

I enjoyed my apps, meal, and the dessert. A nice improvement over Camilleri's Mundo Grill. Closer to the old food of the original Mundo Grill. —MrRochester

2008-05-31 13:35:41   Vince Cardello, you sound like every restaurants worst nightmare. Did the Dr. mention that you may have an allergy to shellfish? I've heard from my Dr. that there is no easy way of determining what causes food illness. You feel the need to make the sweeping generalization that there isn't a person in this city who knows good cuisine. Well, as someone who has spent ten years working in the restaurant business I know you are a bad customer. Do PaRe, and the rest of us a favor and spend your mealtimes at home. Your business is not worth it.

I look forward to spending my Friday happy hours at PaRe. Your presence there would only retract from my good time. —Katie

2008-08-04 18:58:51   Went there with the wife for my birthday on August 2. It began well, pleasant greeting, got a great table. We ordered a cocktail, an appetizer, wine and our dinners. The waitress didn't seem to know a lot about the menu or the preparations. She explained she didn't really work there and was pressed into service that night.

Nice wine selection and reasonably priced. The clams casino were tasty, the smokey bacon imparted a nice earthiness. After the appetizer we waited. And waited. And waited.

With only 3 or 4 occupied tables (at 7PM on a Saturday night) we really didn't expect to wait over an hour for dinner. I had a filet medium, my wife had fish. After 1:10 I told the manager we'd pay for what we consumed but we were leaving. The staff was nice, polite and understanding. The wine and the food were fine. OK, every place has a bad night from time to time. But waiting over an hour for dinner is ridiculous, particularly in an empty restaurant. Too many other good places, like Black and Blue, are nearby. —wdrazek

2008-09-18 18:51:06   I have to agree with Vincent on his comment about the bad restaurants in Rochester. I've lived here my entire life. I've been traveling to every major city in the U.S. for 12 years now for work. Most cities can do better. I'm a better than average cook and I can out do most of the places in Rochester any night of the week. That's primarily why we never go out to dinner any more. Our food is better. I used to think Rooney's and 2 Vine were good until we got to a point with cooking that surpassed their food. It's too bad. All the good cooks move out of town because they don't make any money here. —DonNickasonJr

2008-11-08 10:53:44   Geez, what is wrong with this location? We've been there once with each incarnation and, each time, we swear we won't be back. However, my friend wanted to go there, so we went. Perhaps PaRe will break the curse? Nope!

The bar was packed when we got there at 7 pm Friday. That's the first problem with this place. The bar runs right along the dining room with no noise barrier. Then, to boot, there was a three-piece jazz band playing. Forget conversation! Places this small should only have faint piped-in background music playing. People come to visit each other over a meal, not lip-read while wishing the band would take a break.

We had a waiter who confessed that he had only been working a couple of days (he asked if we wanted soup with our Bouillabaisse). Really, restaurants, train your new employees on mid-weekday evenings. . .don't foist them on us on busy evenings. The service was patchy, our desserts and after-dinner drinks were forgotten (the busboy finally fetched them for us), there was no table bussing (our empty bread basket and empty appetizer plate were left on our table throughout the meal.

The bartender was thrown by a common question about single malt scotch whiskey.

The food was very good. We shared a brie appetizer, two of us had Bouillabaisse and one of us had the very tender lamb shank (enough to feed a family of four!). The creme brulee was a disappointment. I've made better creme brulee from a mix.

This location seems to be doomed no matter what restaurant is in it. When PaRe closes (which is a given), they should burn the building down and build a Tim Horton's. —MaryZeiner

2008-11-11 15:56:05   Terrible. Took my girlfriend here for her birthday and this is absolutely the worst "upscale" restaurant experience I've ever had.

I got the lamb shank. This was gross. The entire meal was completely bland and tasteless. Fatty, liquidy, skin covered the whole thing. The potatoes were overcooked, wimpy, and flavorless. The only passable thing was the kale (barely). Presentation? There was none. The portion size was way too big (not a problem since I wasn't about to take any of it home anyway).

My girlfriend got the pasta special (mushroom ravioli). She said Olive Garden would have been better. The portion size way too small (maybe 5 or 6 small raviolis)

The place was dead. The hostess almost didn't notice us because she was busy chatting up some guy at the bar. Rather than escorting us to a table she just told us we could sit anywhere we wanted. (Uhmm...thanks?) The waiter was nice enough and well-intentioned, but fumbled the menu and seemed really new. The decor and ambiance is terrible: bright, glaring red lights at eye level...claustrophobic booths facing the bar with big annoying plasma screens above it.

For a $70 bill you expect either outstanding food or a great experience. We got neither. Just that terrible stomach churning feeling of being completely ripped off and cheated.

If you're looking to take your sweetheart someplace romantic, don't go here. Blech! —KyleK

2009-05-04 15:47:40   I ate here two weeks ago on a Friday night and it was quite disappointing. My friend and I started off with the chicken wing appetizer which was quite tasty but some of the wings were burnt. My entree, the seared Ahi tuna was not good. The tuna was obviously dethawed, which surprised me on a busy Friday evening that they did not have fresh tuna. The potstickers were previously frozen and the seaweed salad was very fishy tasting and not fresh at all. On top of that we sat outside on the deck and got smoked out from the outside grill. I went home smelling like I had been to a bonfire all night. Not the relaxing atmosphere I would like to enjoy after a long work week. —HyunMee

2009-05-20 23:21:20   Had a hit-and-miss dinner here the other night. We started with the roasted garlic appetizer, which was excellent with nice toasted crostini and deliciously gooey brie and goat cheese. Our server seemed a little green, but he was nice enough, so it didn't bother me terribly. We ordered several cocktails, and all were mixed quite expertly. Our entrees fell flat. My rack of lamb was under-seasoned and lacking in flavor. My companion's salmon was also lacking flavor, and it came with a strange relish that just didn't mix. The chef must love mashed potatoes, because it seemed like half the entrees came with them.
Desserts ended things on a high note. Superb peanut butter pie.
I like soft live music in the background, and the flute player they had that night was nice.
Everything was good except our entrees. I'd come back for nosh, drinks, and desserts, but I don't think I'd come again for dinner. —EastSideStephen

2009-06-23 01:52:50   Not sure what all the fuss is. This place is GREAT! Had a perfect meal and the service some of the best I ever had. Music was really nice. Well put together place. Looks amazing in there. Fun artwork too. These folks must not get out much. There is only a handfull of great place here in Rochester ... Hope this one is around for awhile..... —ShaneTotter

2009-06-29 17:51:20   This summer the owner is featuring a special grilled menu that I understand he himself prepares at the grill outside on the deck. The grilled vegetable appetizer, featuring hummus and pita bread, is quite excellent. The wines-by-the-glass menu is competent and enjoyable for most people. —Snowbag

2009-07-13 12:01:52   Went for first time Friday since it changed over from Mundo Grill. Had heard a few horror stories about the price and the noise factor so really didn't know what to expect. Found the menu to be pretty varied in selections and at about the price you would expect. Our meals were from the outdoor grill ( pork tenderloin) and kitchen( grilled Swordfish). We both found our meals to be cooked to our specifications and enjoyed the flavor very much. As for the noise, there was a band playing that if you were seated near them could have been an issue.The owner must have realized that they were the wrong band for the place because after their first set they packed up and left. When I asked the waiter why " to loud". Will no doubt return.

2009-08-07 18:39:30   Went there today and it was not good. We had to wait almost 10 minutes for water. Then we had to wait another 10 to place our order. We kept seeing people who came in after us being waited on before us. Their soup was lukewarm like they had microwaved it. Both my husband's and my food was burnt. It also tasted bad. We will not be going back. Too bad cause this place could have potential if they got their act and cooking together. —Tori

2009-08-07 18:58:54   I don't know how many things could have gone wrong with my trip to PaRe. First the manager ignored my wife when he asked her where we wanted to sit so he could talk to his friend. Then it took 10-15 mins to have our order taken. Then 20 mins to receive lukewarm soup. Then another 20 mins for entrees. Mine was spaghetti and meatballs which was store bought spaghetti and store bought tomato sauce. The wife's spinach crepe was burnt and the spinach was sandy. I did notice that at least 3 tables had faster service and better service than we did, but then again the owner seemed to know them. So, we won't be returning and will let the manager keep his friends as customers. —JJohnson

2009-08-07 20:00:33   Are these last two comments from the same party? If so, you should probably mention that, so you do not create the false impression that they represent two separate bad experiences. —EastSideStephen

ADMIN NOTE: The comments from Tori and Jjohnson come from the same Internet IP Address and may be from the same person. —PeteB

2009-10-06 19:47:08   To say the food at Pare is subpar is quite an understatement. First, I find it interesting that similar to a comment left above, the poor service and lack of overall familiarity with the restaurant and menu were blamed on both people we interacted with (host and server) being new. For trying to be higher end, I would think a bit more training or prep work would go into their staffing.

Second, at any restaurant I have ever eaten at I have never ordered a chicken dish expecting dark meat, which is what I was served. I would think a mention of this in the dish's description would have been made as I was completely unpleasantly surprised by what I ordered. Lastly, to top our evening, after verifying with the hostess that a gift certificate ordered online would be honored, we found this not to be the case. Our server was reluctant to accept our gift certificate, as was the manager. There was no reason for this action, as we were not combining offers or had the GC expired. Customer service like that is sure to keep you around. I won't get into the rest of the meal, as nothing we ate was memorable or prepared to reflect the pricing. Instead, I'd suggest going to Rooney's, 2Vine, Pomodoro, Triphammer or other well known staples in the area we all know and love. —Leisel

2009-11-14 13:41:34   Just to note JJohnson (me) and Tori are not the same person, but a husband and wife who can have two different opinions on a restaurant. In this case we had the same opinion. Sorry for the confusion, but the restaurant was still bad. —JJohnson

2009-11-20 17:40:04   Pare is great. My boyfriend and I go there about once a month. Last time the sword fish was a bit dry but our waiter happily sent us a replacement. Can't beat the service. Only wish the tables were a bit bigger! —Liren

2010-01-14 18:39:36   Now the "Monroe Diner" —ThomasPawlik