Cafe East

Former Location
3240 Chili Avenue, Rochester NY, 14624
CLOSED as of March 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Cafe East was a cafe. It was located in the spot formerly occupied by China Garden.


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2006-07-31 18:12:38   My wife and I really enjoyed our dinner at the Cafe East last weekend; the food was tasty and elegantly presented. The service was quick and accurate, if a bit impersonal. We ordered the Salmon Teriyaki, and the General Tso's Chicken; both were excellent, and we would gladly order them again, except that there are so many other interesting dishes to try. —TracyLogan

2006-07-31 18:21:38   Friends of ours + us love this place—we make it an annual outing!!! —Peteb

2007-01-17 02:47:14   Love this place. Great food for take-out, dining in, or their new buffet. —RyGun

2008-03-20 12:43:52   The food was excellent and we were ordering from them almost weekly, but it has been "Closed for Renovations" for months and I just checked the phone number again today and the number is out of service. Oh well. —DennisSkinner