Former Location
2120 Five Mile Line Rd, Penfield NY, 14526
Status (as of October 2011)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Bill Spector, formerly of Leo's Elite Bakery, purchased the diner in November, 2008. The previous owner apparently built the business to franchise, but decided to sell out instead. 1


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2007-03-23 12:57:38   I like this place. Great food, soups are delicious. The smoothies are just OK and are kind of pricey. Be advised, the eating area is very tiny. Better off getting your food to go. —KimBee

2007-05-24 18:25:08   The perfect compliment to the Rochester Restaurant scene. The shake was amazing - food was very fresh and tasty. I will be back for sure! —TimothyKinn

2007-05-24 18:37:37   Truly unique store design and overall concept. I absolutely LOVE the food and the experience of hanging out here. I feel energized. Price is reasonable to low when considering the exceptional quality that is delivered. The only downside is that there is no bathroom in the dining area. If you have not been to Hyjea, it is a must... —JocelynRose

2007-05-26 22:48:17   Food (Cran-Apple Turkey Sandwich & bannan cream bliss shake): A+ Service (nothing like the proprietor assuring one's happiness): A+ Ambiance (small, but the attention to detail is extraordinary): A++ Parking is not great with a few spots next to the building, but the expereince is worth the inconvenience. We are lucky to have a place like this in town. —JamesDemers

2007-06-12 22:39:09   What a great restaurant Hyjea is! The food was great, the employee's were very accomodating and friendly, and the inside of the restaurant looked absolutely amazing...not what I expected before walking in. A little small inside for seating, however, they added some tables and chairs outside. I can't wait to bring some friends for lunch next time... —JerryHill

2008-07-12 12:18:01   amazing,so much better than this gross restaurant tasteology i went to, hyjea is sooo good everythingis amazing! —emilyc

2008-07-17 00:08:42   Best hummus i ever tasted in my life. God bless. —AcaiJohnson

2008-07-18 09:33:06   Their "small cup" yogurt should be called "teeny tiny" yogurt. It's basically a shot glass of yogurt for $2. Just wish I would have been warned how extremely minuscule it was. —MarcVera

2008-07-23 11:57:22   Where to begin, I try to surround myself with healthy choices, and only being 16 years old, in a community with high everything [prices, friends, etc.] its nice to have a retreat. That retreat would be Hyjea. The prices are still somewhat nogociable but the food, I salivate just thinking about it. I crave the "Healthy Buffalo Style" wrap on a daily basis. And I am hooked on wheat grass shots. They give me the energy and kick when I need it most. If you [reader] have not been to Hyjea it is a must. Whether you eat in or eat out, you will be in awe. Hyjea is a fine establishment at the heart of Penfield, NY. Not to mention, I am from Palm Beach, FL, and everytime I am up here to see family, which is quite frequently I make it my business to order Hyjea everyday, and the great thing is sometimes I even spoil myself with Hyjea Delivery, I mean especially with the high gas prices..you can't beat it. —MichaelPlace

2008-08-06 15:05:45   Ate here for the first time yesterday and was very pleased with the food. Great smoothie, and delicious Buffalo chicken wrap. Clean, spare place, not the most comfortable seating. Thank goodness for this vegetarian option. Will be back! —KatieSchmitz

2008-08-06 16:52:59   Really nice place with cool accomodating owners. Fresh, healthy fare. Not a lot of seating, but the small size probably keeps costs down. Im not into health food so the menu is not ideal, but even I found something I liked. If your a gym/health nut, you will love this place. —MrRochester

2011-10-26 14:49:34   Closed! Total bummer, I just found out about this place. —karlos