P1010371.JPGPark Ave interior, March 2013

Former Locations
647 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
910 Elmgrove Rd, Gates, NY 14624

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

On October 5, 2015, Yolishous announced they were closing with the following Facebook message:


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2013-01-27 17:28:59   Awesome place! The frozen yogurt tastes JUST like ice cream but is still good for you - unless you load it with too many of their candy toppings. The service is very friendly and I love what they did with the interior. The colors are very bright and cheerful. —EileenF

2013-02-06 17:31:22   Being a Pinkberry lover (and yogen fruz hater) I was excited to try this place. And it is EXCELLENT! I like how you can mix different flavors of fro yo and there are many toppings to choose from. The fruit was fresh (not soggy I HATE that) and the service was super friendly! I will definitely be going here again! —jcs3636

2013-05-31 15:56:43   Phenomenal. The selection of flavors has something for everyone and they rotate them daily. The service is friendly and the owner's wife came out to thank us for coming. The toppings are fresh (as mentioned above) and they have a huge assortment of choices. It's not inexpensive and you do need to be careful because the toppings quickly add weight (which = cost). For seven of us (four college students) it was about $36 but we were all full and VERY happy afterwards. Hope they stay around! —shawnalusk

2013-09-05 11:03:11   Found out my old manager owns the place, small world I guess. Glad to see the good reviews. —Damiankumor