Formosa Breeze


Lucky Painted over Formosa Breeze sign 2009.jpgLucky Restaurant only lasted months, painted over sign of Formosa Breeze, closed

Former Location
412 W. Ridge Road., Rochester NY 14615
CLOSED as of July 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Their menu, with authentic Taiwanese Dishes not usually seen in American Chinese restaurants, can be seen in these links:
[WWW]Restaurant Menu Page 1
[WWW]Restaurant Menu Page 2
[WWW]Restaurant Menu Page 3
[WWW]Restaurant Menu Page 4


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2007-06-22 00:04:07 Revised July 1, 2007   Formosa Breeze, Opened new in December 2006 - Closed Monday and Tuesday for Summer 2007, shorter hours too. Closed July 2-10, 2007 vacation. "Authentic Taiwanese, Szechuan, Hunan style cuisine" The D&C Review is no longer visible on their website. Can be found on the wall at the restaurant, and Google saved documents. My short review: Very Authentic dishes, well flavored, Hot and Spicy really means that! Part of the menu is in Chinese only, real home-style Chinese Cooking from Taiwan. American Chinese style food available too. Large seating area. (No Smoking / No Alcohol) Large Take-out Menu. Lots of parking in back —JackGreenky

2007-08-16 17:02:17   The Taiwanese cuisine is Formosa Breeze's signature and their home-style cooking is very good for anyone who misses their Mom's cooking and sick of American Chinese cuisine. Although they are still small, the restaurant owners are very enthusiastic. The only problem is that the unique dishes to be found here are only partly translated into English. So, you might need someone with an insider's knowledge of Taiwanese cuisine who can speak Mandarin. But they are very good about customizing orders (such as for vegetarians) and their portions are huge while their prices are low. One of their best bargain value items is their all day lunch boxes, which are available for only $4.95 (a hardboiled egg is 50 cents more). Of note is their spicy braised beef noodle soup, which is only $5-$6 and comes in generous portions. —EugeniaHuang

2007-10-21 14:06:58   I think this is the best Taiwanese restaurant here in Rochester. The chef is very good. Recently he even provides several new dishes. The flavor of some dishes are almost as good as or better than that in Taiwan. Price is also very good. It is a lot better than most of American Chinese restaurants. —JaniceLin

2007-11-25 01:09:18   Excellent. Very friendly, good food. A new experience. We weren't sure what to expect and enjoyed a good meal with very friendly wait staff. The owners offered us samples of several dishes. Highly recommended, spread the word! —QuincyCat

2007-12-25 19:24:41   That place is awesome if you want to taste some authenic Taiwanese style cooking and other nice flavors AND cheap prices then Formosa Breeze is the place to be. It is located in 412 West Rigde Road. phone number is 585-663-9297. —HarryOsborn

2007-12-25 19:39:43   Once again, great place cheap and orginal chinese food the staffs are friendly. this place is different from other restaurant that may be cheap but use un fresh materials to make your food and MSG, Formosa Breeze have great quality with there food. —HarryOsborn

2008-02-06 20:08:46   Awesome! This place serves up some nice authentic Taiwanese dishes. The dishes are tasty, full of flavor, and not at all expensive. Our favorite is actually a Sichuan dish on the menu, called "Spicy beef organ," which is nothing more than thinly sliced beef tongue in a spicy oil. I highly recommend going off the beaten path and sampling dishes from the Chinese-only menu. The staff are very much capable of translating for you. —RemekKocz

2008-07-26 13:49:54   I was there yesterday (07/25/2008) and it appeared to be out of business. Phone numbers are disconnected, not a good sign. Does anyone know what the story is? It would be a shame if Rochester lost one of the best restaurants in town. —RogerReject

2008-07-27 20:24:51   Yup, just got confirmation that the restaurant has closed and the owners have moved back to NYC. What a loss for Rochester. —RogerReject