Jet Diner

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1440 Scottsville Road, Rochester NY, 14624 [Directions]
Monday - Friday: 6:00AM to 3:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00AM to 2:00PM
585 328 6180
Tight entrance but ramped
Bathrooms not accessible

Jet Diner is a Greek/American diner on Scottsville Road in Chili with flight theme names for some of their dishes. Their menu includes the following comment: "We hope you enjoyed your flight. Please fly with us again here at the Jet Diner - - Thank You."


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2006-09-07 13:11:11   A little off the beaten path on Scottsville Road behind the airport, I found the place during a bike ride on the Genesee Valley Greenway trail. Dimitri, who owns the place and runs it with his family, mentioned it being around for a little over 1 year. He’s a musician and there’s even a little stage in the back with a few beautiful Bouzouki’s hanging on the wall. Good food, good atmosphere and very friendly service. —ZedOmega

2007-03-17 18:49:45   What a great place this is, all the way around. Really good diner food, both breakfast and lunch. The greatest part is the way the family runs the place. It's a true "mom 'n' pop" establishment, wonderful to see. Burgers are great, Gyros authentic, fried potatoes delish! —OutSider

2008-04-22 18:46:13   Not sure what's happened to Jet — they'd been a real favorite, but lately the service, cleanliness, and food have all slid downhill. —TracyLogan