Metro Retro


MetRet1.jpgMetro Retro - January 2008 MetRet2.jpgSome Retro on Display - January 2008

Former Location
1241 Park Ave, Rochester NY, 14610

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed in Summer 2014.


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2007-09-08 09:45:28   This is a wonderful store. The prices are very reasonable, the stock is all fantastic, and Brian is extremely helpful — he even delivered to my apartment for no extra charge at 8:30am on a Saturday morning. —BradWeslake

2007-09-08 19:34:18   One nice thing about this store is that he seems to make an effort to always have new stuff. If you are familiar with cruising all the antique stores, you know that some shops end up having the same exact things every time you go... so eventually you stop going. Probably due to his reasonable prices, he turns stuff over quick, so that every time you stop in there is something new to see. —DottieHoffmann

2008-04-10 22:43:14   The most random stuff ever. I have scored a couple of unique gifts from here before. Worth a visit. —OneLove

2009-02-08 19:33:38   I found a nice piece for my dining room here. Great, eclectic stuff for quite reasonable price. The help was, well, helpful and very nice/accommodating to aid my search. —NateBurtch

2010-09-17 11:30:49   If you haven't been, GO! —BurbsGal

2012-07-15 11:32:21   The inventory is interesting and turns over. That being said, they need to work on the way they relate to people. This is a small town. Customers are not going to like being treated like walking wallets. A little small talk goes a long way. —Jeremywakes

2014-09-21 01:09:19   Appears to be closed for the time being. Brown paper on all windows. Not sure if it is undergoing renovation.

2014-10-03 19:28:44   The following is second hand info and not confirmed: There will be a very similar store opening in this space. Someone bought some or all of the MR business and will be relaunching either a reboot of MR or something new but appealing to pretty much the same clientèle. —badfish