Filippo's Italian Deli & Cafe

Former Location
2014 Empire Blvd, Webster NY, 14580
CLOSED as of 2010

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2010-09-22 19:40:27   We ordered from here the other day. The steak sub was the best sub we have had in our 20 years here in Rochester. It was massive, and loaded with high quality steak that was seasoned perfectly. The chicken fingers were excellent, and the prices were right. The best however was the chocolate chip cheesecake, light and delicious with big hunks of chocolate. We also had a chocolate frosted brownie. I encourage Webster residents to frequent this place. We bought olive oil ( priced competitively) fresh olives and a few other deli items. Nothing against Dibella's or Rubinos, but this steak sub was about twice as heavy as their subs with 2 to 3 times the meat ! Other sub shops, they are adding to the competition ! Also, no more Panera's for desserts. Chocolate Chip cheesecake which was fresh and home made and very inexpensive, when we were used to going to panera and paying 2 dollars for a cookie or 3 dollars for a tiny brownie sliver, which, admit it, by 6 pm it's been sitting out all day and is dry. This will be our new coffee dessert joint. —RobinHarold

2011-01-10 23:25:57   This place closed and left a sign in the window that they'd be reopening at a different location according to my wife. I stooped by to get the new address and the sign was gone. I called the number listed and the woman who answered said they'd be relocating and hopefully the building would be ready by Christmas, but I haven't seen anything in Webster/Penfield that resembles a new Deli. It's a shame too because their deli meat prices were really good and the food I had there was excellent. I keep hoping that they turn up someplace. —RichChiavaroli