Krispy Kreme

Former Location Krispy Kreme logo.jpgCompany Logo
1150 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623
CLOSED as of September 13, 2007
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See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Krispy Kreme operated one of its chain donut shops in Henrietta Plaza on Jefferson Road in Henrietta. The "Hot Now" sign went COLD when it was closed as of 9/13/07.


Krispy Kreme was voted "Best Donuts" in City Newspaper's 'Best Of' awards in 2002.1


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2006-11-22 16:35:43   Highly overrated-but then I'm partial to Wegmans or dunkin donuts —MrPhil

2007-02-07 13:47:24   The original glazed variety seem to melt in your mouth, especially if you stop in when the "hot light" is on, and the donuts are still hot from the oven. —AlexanderGartley

2007-09-14 00:42:58   The one in Syracuse closed too, a few months before the Rochester one, seems like a tough time for chains now-a-days. —TravisOwens

2008-02-11 23:06:58   Gone but not forgotten. There is still one or two in Buffalo. —RemekKocz

2008-12-10 21:13:36   Good riddance to that monstrosity of a doughnut shop. Now, if they would just tear down that building, the circle would be complete. Sure, the doughnuts were decent when they were hot.. but they cooled off so quickly that if you bought a dozen and brought them Downtown to work, they would be cold and lifeless! Talk about a letdown! —BatGuano