Pickle Nick's

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339 Jefferson Road, Henrietta NY 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of February 2015)
Monday - Friday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Sunday: Closed
585 697 1802
Wheelchair Accessible
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Pickle Nick's offers hot and cold subs, salads, sides, soups, and desserts. They also have the Dirty brand chips and a large selection of beverages. Catering available.

They have been in business for over 25 years. There used to be a second location in Gates.


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2007-03-31 00:10:08   One of my favorite places to get a sub. I've enjoyed a number of both their hot and cold subs. They offer a lot more toppings (8 toppings, 5 dressings, and 4 cheeses by my count) than most places around, which I'm a fan of. The bread has a nice crust on the outside and is soft on the inside. Service has always been friendly. —StevenDibelius

2007-03-31 22:00:03   The Gates location is closed —FranChandler

2007-04-01 20:40:50   Their roast beef is the best I have ever had. —BadFish

2010-06-14 21:56:47   Don't bother getting any of the cold subs, you've made them a million times at home before, and it didn't cost you $9.

The service is very friendly, unfortunately, unless you are the only one in there, it just takes too long. The bread is very "meh", all the toppings are beyond typical. Price is about the same. It's on par with the wegman's subs, which are much cheaper.

The hot subs are a little better, the fried bologna and the cuban come to mind.

If you bored, I guess try it, but if you are in a hurry, or want a better tasting sub, head over to Amiels or Dibellas. —ChrisE

2010-07-10 23:39:30   The best italian assorted sub you can find around here IMO. They offer a hot sub garbage plate, a unique way of serving a Rochester classic. Nick is always around the Henrietta location and is very friendly. —MikeC

2010-10-13 14:10:16   Excellent! Love the hot cuban sub... —SargtGrumbles

2011-10-17 13:28:01   Yum, prefer it over Dibella's plus they have a more extensive menu. —NewtonNola