East of Chicago Pizza

Former Location
2171 West Henrietta Road, Brighton, NY 14623
Status (as of March 2017)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2015-12-08 17:53:56   Hours are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday: 11:00am-10:00pm Friday and Saturday: 11:00am-11:00pm. Phone number is: 585-272-0555
Alcohol: No
Website: https://www.facebook.com/eastofchicago.rochester1/
Status: Now Open! —waqar585

2016-01-08 16:42:59   Wasn't too impressed. Seemed like a better version of Pizza Hut. Deep dish wasn't very deep, and was overpriced. —DE

2016-03-12 09:35:32   Their deep dish is very similar to Pizza Hut, but their Chicago Style pizza is fantastic. Very accomodating lunch buffet - they made me a personal Chicago Style pepperoni when I asked if they were putting one out. —timcrist

2016-08-16 10:57:32   Wife and I shared a deep dish pizza and it was excellent. Service was very laid back and friendly, an overall enjoyable experience. —abraxas

2017-04-29 12:52:12   Building says it is for lease. Facebook says they are moving but do not have a location. After two months, will assume it is closed. —scotthendler