Mariachi Mexican Grill

Former Location
400 Jefferson Rd, Rochester NY, 14623
Status (as of December 2014)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2011-11-05 11:52:46   Located in the old DiBella's across from Southtown, the owners of this new place have done a great job remodeling and the atmosphere has a nice feel to it with warm yellow walls, accents walls with arches, tall-back booths that provide dining privacy. Complimentary chips (warm) and salsa (thin variety, mild kick) to start and attentive, friendly service throughout the meal. The Burrito Verde was delish —the shredded beef was moist and nicely spiced, not overly salty, and the white cheese sauce combined with the verde salsa was very flavorful. The refried beans and rice were of the standard variety and solid. I would def. order this dish again. My friend had the mixed grill fajitas, with a plentiful amount of steak, chicken and shrimp and she enjoyed it thoroughly. This restaurant is a great addition to Henrietta/RIT area—looking forward to trying the lunch combos. —LizDee

2011-12-17 23:59:01   To all who like me were hoping that El Parian had been resurrected, don't waste your time. The interior atmostphere is all well and good, and the size of the menu is much like El Parian, but the food is horrible. My enchilada came complete with Ragu pasta sauce. The other reviews made it seem promising, so I hope I came on an off night, but everything aside from the chips and salsa were a poor attempt at measuring up to the greatness of the old El Parian. —ChristopherBrandt

2011-12-19 15:51:25   We dined on a recent busy Friday evening. Both the chile verde and the chilaquiles were excellent and tasted quite authentic. The beans on the side, however, were quite flavorless. Service was quick, attentive and personable once we were seated. Prices are less than some of the other Mexican spots in town. This could turn into one of our favorite local Mexican spots. —JGerek

2012-01-13 15:33:36   First, since a previous reviewer said that the salsa was "fresh", let me disagree. It was quite obviously from CANNED tomato puree, and not terribly tasty, at that. Not a single chunk of any 'fresh' tomatos or anything else 'fresh' to be seen. Makes me wonder if ANYBODY knows what the word 'fresh' means anymore?

I had a Chille Reyeno and taco combo. Both were bland, the taco meat was suspiciously watery (as if it had been warmed up in a steam table), and the Chille Reyeno was bland, with too much cheese. The refrito was also bland and too watery (probably kept warm on the same steam table), and the rice was, likewise, bland but dry. The iced tea I ordered was especially nasty.

The place is clean, and the staff numerous, although, it seems they spend a lot of time telling off-color jokes in the kitchen with "Tomas" (note to manager: quite a few 'blancos' understand Spanish, and can hear what's going on in the kitchen). Still, the food is so incredibly lacking in taste (or any 'fresh' ingredients) that I probably won't be going back. This place is obviously aimed at the ignorant suburban pallate, that wouldn't know any better.

I suppose if you're looking for a place to get tanked on margaritas or Corona, you could do worse, but not much worse. Ask for a bottle of hot sauce, and the food might even have some taste....

2012-03-05 13:24:20   I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. I am from AZ and have been searching for a good Mexican restaurant. I am so happy I found it! The food is fantastic. The staff is friendly and attentive. The dining area and restrooms are CLEAN. I don't know what the other reviewer was talking about regarding marinara sauce. They use enchilada sauce. Every time! The prices are great too!!! Every one I bring here loves it and goes again and again! —emealer

2012-03-10 08:52:53   Went here late one night a few months back - everything tasted very fresh and authentic. Service had good suggestions when asked what to order, but overall got worse and worse as the night went on (manager kept staring at our table, cooks laughing behind the pass, waitress being rude). In general, pros: decorations, quality/freshness of food, tastiness of food, drinks; cons: service, location (possibly hard to find if you didn't know where the old DiBella's was). I will definitely go back, but I do hope the service gets better. —AGoldman

2012-04-24 14:01:24   Just had take out. Two soft chicken tacos and some chips and salsa. Less than $4 and tacos were big! Quite good. I'll be back :-). Ok so I went back a few weeks ago. Make sure you ask how the food is prepared! Everything seems to come with beef even if you ask what is in something. Plus it is not noted on the menu. I had to send food back. With that said, far from authentic but quite tasty. I like the food. The restaurant itself seems a bit dirty though —NewtonNola