Northfield Food & Drink

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Former Location
3001 Monroe Ave, Pittsford NY, 14618 in Spring House Commons
CLOSED as of 2009

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2007-07-10 14:58:08   Hit or miss here. Staff is great - but the food can be bland. I try to stick to whatever is on special. Bar area can be super noisy, but it doesn't carry over into the dining area. Good place to go to socialize and have a couple drinks. —RocGirl

2007-08-30 14:44:56   They have a great deck in the summer and a nice bar.

The food isnt very good though, I have eaten here 3 times and will not return for the food. Ill definitely go back for drinks with friends though.

Beware: The golddigger crowd is on the prowl in the bar area.

I also want to say that the tacky year round christmas lights on the pillars outside need to go except in December.

Just another trendy restaurant. —MrRochester

2007-11-12 11:44:35   Met some acquaintances for drinks and dinner after work Friday 11/2. The tightly packed crowd were dutifully ignoring each other with every other person focusing intently on their cell phones and PDA’s. I haven’t seen this many people in public obsessing over electronic devices since I was last in a video game parlor 25+ years ago. My appetizer of mussels was overcooked and my Ribeye was a flavorless Select Grade at best. Luckily the dining room is filled with sound proofing panels which at least allowed us to hear each other, unlike in the bar where it was deafeningly loud. Mr Rochester’s comments above are spot on. Bad food, gold-digger’s in abundance and a trendy atmosphere.
It's probably a good place to try and network if you can get people to put away their cell phones. —ZedOmega

2007-11-17 15:57:31   Stopped by for lunch today. Parking and access were easy via an outside ramp. Staff are attentive without being annoying. Had a Southwest Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries and a Coke. VERY good sandwich-large piece of chicken. Bar-B-Q sauce was sweet which is how I like it. Total price was $11.95 for lunch which I find to be reasonable. I'll be back there without a doubt —PeteB

2007-11-17 18:10:17   The wings are very good. —BenMargolis

2008-05-11 15:55:49   Last Friday the Huggers Ski Club had a happy hour here. The bar is popular. Anyway, about 12 of us had dinner and I think everyone enjoyed it.
I had the 6 oz. Filet Mignon and it was just great. Tender and tasty, definitely up with the best. It came with steamed veggies still crisp. I will be back. —HenriettaRob

2008-06-02 01:41:24   Ben: The wings are decent, but are you comfortable being served six of them for twice the price as a dozen wings somewhere else? Cuz I ain't. The food here is way too expensive for what it is. Service is slooooow. Crowd sucks. Extremely expensive beer and very poor selection. This is all rather frustrating, because this place is the only bar within walking distance of my house and it's only two minutes away! But I can't take the *** raping prices and the sub bar beer choices. I do like to hit it up for lunch now and again, though. As Monroe Ave joints go, I'll take the Otter Lodge over this place any day of the week. —MariahBetz

2008-12-06 16:17:15   I have eaten there twice. Once with my mom; we sat in the Fireplace room which was warm and cozy. The food was just OK, and the service poor. My family already had reservations there for Thanksgiving and I was considering canceling but decided to give them another chance. So we dined there again on Thanksgiving Day. We were a party of eight and were seated in the main dining room. The ambience again was fine and the service OK but the food was HORRIBLE, the absolute worst, practically inedible. Will definitely NOT return to this place. —Chloerose

2009-02-10 19:25:15   Service at bar Is shabby at best. I have gone there on numerous occasions and find the female bartenders to be especially unprofessional and not courteous. One blond with plastic breasts actually ignored me while she was flirting (very lewdly I may add) with three married guys! Then I proceeded to hear her mock another female guest at the bar! Very unprofessional way to treat patrons! Nothing but trash here which is really unfortunate cause of the historic nature of the building and the superb restaurant it was when it operated as the spring house. I really think they need to clean up the trash or that place should move to another part of the city! Sad to say but, but the bartenders are awful! Two thumbs way down! —EllaBella

2010-02-15 11:26:56   My boyfriend and I have been visiting Northfield each Valentine's Day. The first couple years were great however it has gotten worse over the past few. We went the day before VDay to avoid the crowds. The service was OK, and the first part of our meal was good. We both ordered steak for dinner and it came out rare both times we sent it back. The third time they finally got it right. The bar music was very loud and the dining room was freezing. I would not recommend this restaurant especially on busy nights. —JulieS

2010-03-28 19:58:30   Restaurant is closed —AndrewSimone

2010-04-05 16:55:31   I spoke to the owners—they're closed temporarily for remodeling. —PeteB

2010-06-04 16:20:29   Does anybody have any up to date news on the status of this place? I called repeatedly and no answer. We had reservations for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Anybody have any recommendations for another place in the Rochester/ Pittsford area? —JohnT

2010-06-10 14:00:14   Not closed for remodeling, restaurant is closed. —AndrewSimone

2010-06-10 15:02:51   I have made numerous attempts today from driving down there—to calling the # on the website-to get a hold of them with no success. Closing the entry —PeteB