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2007-11-16 10:23:54   All the "strictly positive" comments for the Northfield are coming from the same IP address!! The comments from KyleFitch, LeeJones, KevinLowe, RobertSmith, LeoMorale all come from the same IP address, and all seem to have positive things to say about the Northfield and Black and Blue and many of them "coincidentally" only posted once or twice, yet did so on the same day(s). (Although there is one slight anomaly w/ RSmith.) Many also have negative comments about competing restaurants in the area. There are other reasons I think they are all the same person but I don't want to tip my hand.

RocWiki Power users: (And you know who you are) Can you advise me on acceptable "cleaning" practices? I'd like to delete their comments but want a review of my thoughts first. I don't think I have to explain the dilemma between deleting someone's comments vs. stopping a slew of fake reviews. Thanks! —BadFish

2007-11-16 10:31:47   Forgot to include CurtWakefield as one of the fake posters above.

How much do you wanna' bet this person came up with these fake names watching the Red Sox game? (Wakefield, Lowe, Curt, Kyle, Kevin — all Red Sox players, all but one are picthers. CurtWakefield is a dead giveaway — a combo of the 2 best pitchers!) —BadFish

2007-11-16 10:38:20   I knew those names sounded familiar :) BadFish, are you on the google mailing list? If not, you should join and ask your question again there...we have a small thread going about this issue already. You can find it at [WWW]

2007-11-16 10:59:55   Rachel, I am not on the Google list—Yet. I will be!

NickGalante is from the same IP address as well, although it doesn't look like that one had much negative impact.

Sorry for the post storm. —BadFish

2007-11-16 11:06:00   BadFish - I'm glad you follow baseball. —RottenChester

2007-11-16 12:35:23   I am expecting a call from one of the owners of Northfield—a 25-year friend-Frank Imburgia-about 12:15. Will report back later —PeteB

2007-11-16 13:25:52   Ok....had a conversation with one of the Partner/Owners of Northfield...Frank Imburgia. He is very concerned about this and the resulting effects on the image of Northfield. He asked us not to remove them from the page because of it—I agreed to that. He promises to get to the bottom of this and call us back. —PeteB

2007-11-16 17:09:15   Pete, by "not remove them from the page" - do you mean "not remove Northfield from the wiki"? Of course, we wouldn't do that. But I think, based on Fish's reasoning, we might want to take a hard look at the comments by the Red Sox and possibly delete some or all of them. —RottenChester

2007-11-17 16:02:01   I stopped for lunch today—the only known name on the list who works there is Kyle Fitch. I am confident the posts came from that location and I believe we should remove the extraneous comments and false posters from the Wiki. I believe we should remove Kyle's extremely overpositive comment from the main Northfield page as well —PeteB

2007-11-19 17:44:28   False names/comments have been removed —PeteB