William Scheer Jewelers

Former Location
2926 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
CLOSED (as of November 2011)

See Gone, but Not Forgotten

William Scheer Jewelers was a jewelry store in Clover View Plaza on Monroe Avenue, next to Adrian Jules.


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2009-01-03 14:13:33   I'm not a frequent jewelry shopper, but the one time I did shop around for a necklace I ended up buying from here. It seemed like the other jewelry stores had a lot of the same merchandise I'd see on women over and over in this town. Scheer had unique stuff, so I was able to pick up a piece for my lady that nobody else had. —EastSideStephen

2010-01-15 00:10:18   I had the most pleasant experience today at Scheers! I cannot ever begin to Thank them for what they did for my wonderful, elderly friend. They paid us a fair price for her diamond ring, which made it possible for her to be able to move into assisted living tomorrow. You made her day and she and I are very greatful for your generosity! I say Cheers for Scheers~and in the future any jewelry I purchase will come from your stores, because I believe you to be FAIR and KIND PEOPLE! There should be more people in this world like you~Thanks so much, Leslie Hance & Marjory Weller —LeslieHance