Barbeque and Pizza Too

Former Location
3105 E Henrietta R, Henrietta, NY 14467
CLOSED-Changed name as of Feb 3, 2011

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Barbeque and Pizza Too was, as the name implies, a combination BBQ restaurant and pizzeria. Located on the corner of East Henrietta Road and Lehigh Station Road in Henrietta. They also provided catering.

Now named Nick's Barbeque and Pizzeria


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2007-11-07 19:46:30   I have never tried to order a pizza and been put on hold for 10 minutes...

terrible service...sorry. —TorieCaddy

2008-06-04 21:12:29   Make sure you check your order before you leave. A great chance they get it wrong, and forget about customer service, no compensation for mistakes and hell if you could even get a sorry for the inconvenience out of them. terrible service. At least the food is good. —hennytowner

2008-10-27 18:31:21   I've been to BBQ and Pizza too for the past 3 months and they've been awesome. My food is always right, the food is GREAT. They are a real contender with Pizza Corner for me. They have the best pizza and mozzarella sticks I've ever had.

Good home town cooking on the BBQ too. —Cmprovenzo

best food in town by far
definitely a family favorite! —samantharogers

2011-02-02 15:37:46   This place is now called: Nick's Barbeque and Pizzeria —ytbh

2011-02-23 16:47:56   When BBQ & Pizza too opened it was pretty good and convienent. I'm not sure what happened, but the quality went down the drain, the food was sub par, and it was very obvious the people working wished they were somewhere else. I don't like writing a bad review a struggling for local business owned and operated by our neighbors, but there is a reason they aren't doing well.

Once it was bought by new people and renamed, I had hope for the small pizzeria, but I'm afraid nothing has changed. Still bad food and bad service :( —saraokirk