Rookie's Express Pizza and Pasta

Previous Location
649 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED (as of 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Is now Bertino's Italian Food To Go.


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2008-12-01 10:43:48   Pretty good, fast, pub grub and Italian food. Clean place, but not too many places to sit while you wait. Very nice 2 employees that seem to be always there. I tried a calzone that was excellent. The baked boneless wings were healthy, but not too flavorful. If youre looking for something fast, its a nice option. Stupid name. —MrRochester

2008-12-02 13:47:45   Thin crust pizza is very good. Comes close to NY style, which Rochester appears incapable of producing. Very friendly service. The place is much brighter and cleaner than when it was Mark's, but no real place to sit while waiting. —JasonHaremza

2008-12-31 18:38:54   i went there to grab a slice because ACME pizzas service is horrible and i wanted to try the new pizza joint on monroe. Anyway the people there were extremely friendly and the pizza slice was pretty average in price and size. It was the size of these faddish "HUGE SLICES" weve seen in Rochester alot. The thing that keeps me coming back is that the place is always clean and the owners who are there most of the time are really friendly. I hope they dont fall into the slump Rochester has seen in customer service lately. —alexsteiner

Worst Pizza Ever... —MattMulvaney

2009-08-28 15:23:25   There pizza is really good and there slices are huge.. did you know they are open til 3am... The staff is very friendly and they treat you like family... totally love there calzones.. the best... —MitiBella

2009-09-13 00:33:14   I will agree that their pizza usually isn't that good. I have had really good pies from there a couple of times but it seems to only happen when the (I think) owner/manager is making it. Got a sub once and didn't like that much either. Stick to the calzones and garlic cheese breadsticks, both of which are usually delicious. The wings are also really good, but not a reason to order if you aren't already.

I will say that the staff is pretty much always really nice and they seem eager for your business which is a nice change from some places. The super-late night delivery is also nice for us because of late work shifts. —WilliamWatts

2010-06-18 16:11:25   I don't think this place is closed, I just walked by the other day and it was open.

ROOKIES... prides itself on their slices, they are AWFUL! The slices are ALWAYS doughy, I find myself just eating the crust. I've told them that cooking a whole pizza through a conveyer belt is a stupid idea, but if they insist, then at least up the baking temp.
They also say they use all homade recipes but how is it the pizza is super super greasy single everytime I've tried it.

Also the owner is a liar. He knew I was a promotional assistant, and asked for me hand out fliers and give the good word out. I thought it was good a thing to do, for a local businesses...
We made a verbal agreement that if I did that for him, I would in return get free pizza. Good deal, right?!
Well, it was until I handed out all the fliers and got no free pizza. FUCK YOU ROOKIES!

I feel bad for the employees that work there, and if they are or will be closing, I pray you can find better work for yourself. —Mandafinks