Bertino's Italian Food To Go

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649 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY, 14604
Status (as of Summer 2011)

See Gone, but Not Forgotten

They were situated next to Astoria and in the same place as the former owners Mark's Pizzeria,which are now a few doors west. They served plates, pizza, calzones, fried wings, pasta and many other dishes.

Also, There is a group on Facebook but updates have not been made on it for quite a while. As of August 2011, they have appeared closed for a few months now, and their phone number is disconnected.


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2010-08-14 13:06:38   I had a slice of pepperoni on August 7, 2010 in the afternoon. Bertino's has only been open for a few months at most. They are located on Monroe Avenue at the corner of Boardman Street. If you like Papa John's pizza you may enjoy the pie at Bertino's as it has a similar texture. Their slices are huge as they are 1/4 of a pie - this justifies the $3.50 price tag. Personally I did not care for the taste and texture of the pizza - but people have different palates so you should try it yourself and form your own opinion. When I ordered they were out of pepperoni slices so I waited while they made one fresh - the wait was about 8 minutes. They had magazines available by the tables and I enjoyed flipping through Rolling Stone while waiting for my pie. My least favorite part of the experience: after the employee handed me my pizza she tapped the tip cup and then walked away. I reluctantly threw a buck into the tip cup for the tacky employee. —TSventure

2010-08-24 18:50:03   Just a few words on TSventurs comment on my pizza. Our pizza is nothing like Papa Johns. Everything is fresh and homemade. Also the price for a slice is 3.25 not 3.50 and its well worth it. As a person that cant stand Papa Johns I cant believe my pie was even compared to them. Not even close. As for the tip cup employee I am sorry if they did that. I dont allow a tip cup out, I think it is tacky. —tombertinosr

2010-10-01 10:35:14   I walked in on a Friday night and ordered a large pie on the fly..went across the street and had a drink and came back and picked a delicious pizza. My friends and I and really enjoyed the pizza and think that this place is welcomed change to some of the places down on Monroe Ave. The pizza was a perfect size all the way around…(we got a large)..but the thickness was what made the was perfect…but I’m sure you can order it however you want. Great Job for a nice little family owned place…(sometimes the best!) —Jabberstrong

2010-10-17 22:07:01   Ordered a Large Meatball Pie and a dozen wings (Garlic Parm). Before I even get to the food, I will attest to being impressed by the jovial and personable guy taking the order over the phone. Not the biggest deal whether he was a jerk or not as long as the food is good, but it does make that little difference that keeps you ordering. Speaking of that impressive difference, the delivery guy even called to give an update on the status.

As for the food, very good all around. As a previous commentator noted, the thickness of the pie was very good - not quite NYC style, but the dough also didn't overpower the cheese and sauce. However, the dough could have been just a little more cooked - just a personal preference. The sauce had some sweetness to it, and the cheese was perfectly bubbly and covered the pizza nicely. Meatballs could have used just a bit more spice, but definitely very good.

Wings were ordered extra crispy, and well, they were good wings! Enough meat, very crispy (how I like them), and the seasoning was wonderful. I don't recall anything great to comment on, but around Western NY, I find comments become called for when the wings are bad - not when they're great, unless you're nuts about the sauce or something!

Pizza was an 8/10, wings were a 9/10, service was a 10/10. I'm sold! —EricS

2011-01-01 19:10:03   Since I discovered this place, I order from them regularly. The Pizza is very good - the sauce has a nice bit of sweetness to it (not too much), the dough seems to be just right and the quality is always excellent. The pizzas are extremely consistent, toppings are of good quality and they are neatly made (no cheese falling off, messiness, etc). I haven't tried much besides their pizza. The wings are pretty decent, not bad, just your standard pizza joint wing fare. Every time I've called, the people taking phone orders have been friendly and easy to talk to, haven't had any problems with service whatsoever. Drivers are friendly and polite, and almost always make their time estimate spot on or early. Prices are reasonable; I pay exactly what I would expect to pay for what I order, unlike some other places around here whose names I will not mention.

Last time I ordered from Bertino's, they didn't bring the 2-liter I ordered. It wasn't a big deal to me, but the driver immediately offered to go grab it for me. I told him he didn't need to. He suggested I call and request a credit if I wanted one for next time. I didn't call because again, not a big deal, it's just a bottle of soda, and these things happen. So I called to order again today and was pleasantly surprised when the gentleman taking the order told me I had a credit for a 2-liter on my account. Small gesture, Big bonus points.

I'll definitely continue ordering from Bertino's and have recommended it to a bunch of people in my area. Great service and very good pizza, probably the best delivery I've had around here in a long time. —VincentP

2011-02-12 20:11:03   I ordered the eggplant parm plate and my husband ordered a hot meatball sub for delivery and both were delicious. Even the free garlic bread was tasty. The prices are low and the food is excellent and there's plenty of it. I will absolutely call them again and recommend them to others. —KristyGlick

2011-06-04 09:42:29   I ordered and paid online for my lunch and when I arrived no one was there. Thanks for taking my money when you weren't even open. It'd be nice if you would have changed your business hours online but you couldn't even bother to do it on your front window so it's probably too much to ask. And since the restaurant next door was sure that you've been opening at different hours for some time now it can't be chalked up to bad timing. From the comments it seems that people like your food and I was looking forward to tasting it but your unethical business practices prevented that:( And why haven't I gotten a call about my order? It seems that it would have been waiting for you whenever you shlept yourself to work. Thanks for nothing. —itsme

2011-06-17 16:15:35   @itsme: what website are you ordering from? The Bertino's website listed above doesn't appear to have online ordering.

Also, I drove by on Thursday at 8:30pm and they were closed. —KatieS

2011-06-24 20:51:03   KatieS- it was through —itsme

2011-07-07 17:41:39   @itsme has a disclaimer on it stating that "A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of" which basically means if you order through us you're SOL. Always order from the restaurant and not a skeezy middle man. —JasonTeeter

2011-07-13 21:06:05   I liked the place when they were open but now they say they are open "late night" and I tried at 9pm which to me isn't "late night" don't trust any hours posted any where cause they don't officially post their hours. Instead order next door to them at mark pizzeria which DOES post official hours so you can trust the hours they say they are open. My beef isn't with the quality of food but more of not giving customers proper hours. —RedGeek80

2011-07-31 14:30:15   Any idea when and if this place is going to open again? I drive by it almost every day and I haven't seen it open in at least a couple of months...... —katsweeney