Quinlan's Pub


Quinlans Pub new sign 20100308.JPGNew Sign Quinlans Pub from West 20100308.jpgView from the West - new awnings and sign QUINLANS front in 2pix small.jpgFront in 2 pictures March 8, 2010

Former Location
384 Ridge Rd W, Rochester NY, 14615
CLOSED (as of 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

News: They were closed for a few weeks in early 2010, opened again Late February - new floor behind the bar - no more funky old smell - also recently had the front remodeled, and new name - almost the same - see new pictures.
They were closed AGAIN in April 2010 for more interior remodeling work and never seemed to be open after that.

Old Pictures below
Quinlan Cooler.jpgBeers in the Cooler, September 3, 2008 Quinlan Food.jpgFree Food! September 3, 2008 - Thanks to Stan and Wendy


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2008-12-13 01:22:16   NOTE: Quinlan's has a new name: Mickey's Shenanigans * There is also a new owner to go with the name - the bar is essentially the same, with upgraded coolers and kitchen, and coming soon, a larger seating area. —JackGreenky
*2010-03-08 additional Note: Mickey's Shenanigans was not approved as the new name.JackGreenky

2009-07-23 17:44:36   Could not find any hits searching for the new name Mickey's Shenanigans, but the number in the listing above is Disconnected. Anyone have updated info??? —BradMandell