abatenymonroe org sign.jpg The motorcycles page provides a shopping directory of motorcycle related products and services. It also serves to provide information about motorcycles in outdoor activities and supporting organizations and websites.

(Note that "biker" refers to a person on a motorcycle. A person on a bicycle is a "cyclist.")

For those interested in learning, check out [WWW] They offer courses based on a national curriculum provided by the [WWW]Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which teaches both the basics of operating a bike and the street skills necessary to ride safely. The course provides the bikes, so you don't need to own a motorcycle to take it. If you enter the course with a valid learner's permit from the New York DMV, and you pass the testing at the end of the course, you get a "road test waiver" that allows you to bypass the DMV administered road test and upgrade your permit to a class "M" motorcycle license.


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