Pal Joey's

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Former Location
1495 Mount Hope Ave, Rochester NY, 14620 [Directions]
Closed (as of September 2021)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Pal Joey's Hair Design was a small barber shop on Mt. Hope Avenue.


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2008-09-05 10:33:39   I just called this place to make sure they took walk-ins and were not too busy at the moment (10.30 am on a Friday). I have been looking for a good place to get my hair cut since I moved here about a year ago. Someone answered the phone (I think a male) and what occurred thereafter was possibly the worst and most rude phone conversation I have ever had. Maybe I am wrong to judge so quickly, but I would shave my head myself before going here. I am pretty easy to please and do not expect much. But if you answer the phone in an incredibly rude manner, I will not give you my money. Off to find another place . . . —JonathanOlmsted

2009-09-25 00:15:17   Joey is friendly and kind. And he's a good barber too. I have several problems speaking fluently english, since i come from another country. Anyway i had no problems in commucation with that guy, and i got a good and affordable haircut. —GianMaria

2011-03-11 18:00:14   I had a great experience at Pal Joey's. With me Joey was very respectful, friendly and considerate. I took my 13 month daughter with me and he made special accommodation for her while I got my hair cut. Moreover he offers a good haircut at a good price. Nothing too fancy but not your standard issue barber shop buzz either. —ZachHopkins

2011-08-27 19:52:07   I came here from England looking was looking for a new barber shop. All previous ones I'd been to, only wanted to buzz cut me. Joey is like my psychologist - he listens to me, and doesn't charge extra for this service! He makes me feel like I'm back home in England. He reminds me of a barber's shop as it was many, many years ago. And the haircut was the best I've had since I arrived here nearly 3 yrs ago in March 2009 - and I've been a customer ever since. —MichaelSummers