Amy Rose Pizza

Former Location
11 Main Street, Scottsville NY, 14546

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Amy Rose closed in September 2014 after twelve years of business. They left the following message on their Facebook page:


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2007-06-13 16:22:00   Ordered a sheet pizza from here about two weeks ago. It was suprisingly good, had a thicker, chewier crust (good if you like that style). The wings were decent. —AlexanderGartley

2008-03-23 22:38:09   The location is not convenient for me, but I use any trip to Scottsville as an excuse to phone in an order. The crust on their pizzas is the best I've tasted around here. The sauce is above average, and they're by no means skimpy on toppings. —JohnMoriello

2008-05-16 15:48:24   We ordered from here last night, and it was really good! We ordered a side called "garlic dots" on a whim for $3.99 not knowing what they were. First off, the portion was huge, and secondly, they were delicious. I ate those for dinner instead of any of the pizza we ordered! Okay, I did have a piece of pizza and it was really good, but the fried (I think?) balls of bread rolled in garlic and cheese were where it's at for me. —SaraChristine

2008-09-10 15:31:41   Tons of people order from Amy Rose where I work. Their pizza is pretty good, a little too much dough for me but very fresh. Their chicken fingers are the best I've ever had. —CatMagro

2008-10-13 16:32:36   We order from here all the time. They know us by name. Everything is done to perfection. I think it out beats any other local pizza place. They also have ice cream and coffee. This is the place to get anything! —jenabailey

2008-10-30 22:13:12   My friend was up from NYC and we went here for dinner. It was SO worth the drive. We got wings, chicken fingers, and a medium pie and ate it there. The owner was fab and amazingly nice. She was shocked that we drove all the way from Irondequoit to have dinner there. Have to agree about the chicken wings!!! Delicious! —MarcVera