Tony's Smoke Shop

Former Location
36 Jefferson Ave, Fairport, NY 14450
Status (as of February 2011)
Name change to 36 Smoke Shop.

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tony's Smoke Shop was a cigar shop located in Fairport located in the same building as Club Bogey's.


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2011-02-08 18:52:09   Please change name to 36 Smoke Shop —JanisWhite

2011-02-08 18:59:40   Janis—the website all says Tony's Smoke there anywhere documented that the shop is actually called 36 Smoke Shop? —PeteB

2011-02-09 08:47:34   PeteB...Tony's Smoke Shop is the sign outside, we change it to 36 Smoke Shop...I would like all searchs to find 36 Smoke Shop. We are in the in the process of updating the website, domain, etc.. —JanisWhite