Dom's Pizzeria

Former Location
1074 Lyell Ave, Rochester NY 14606
CLOSED (as of 2013)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

This location was formerly home to Paradiso Pizza, and before that, Mark's Pizzeria.


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2012-12-04 09:52:40   I dont know what to say. Should i start by saying how the food there is disgusting, well at least the half of it that i ate b4 i saw roaches right in the so called dining area. I Obviously then stopped eating! I was going to have my daughters meet me up there for lunch but they didnt even have the ingredients needed to make the specialty pizza i wanted to get when my girls got there. I had a slice while i was waiting for them and it was obviously very old, and after they warmed it up in the oven the cheese was burnt. They gave me a new slice and that one was worse then the first. So needless to say i called my girls and told them to meet me at perrys pizza for lunch instead. The staff even looked tired & misrable. They werent unfriendly, but they werent friendly either. They talked about personal things while i was waiting for my food and while i was in the dining room eating. I guess the owner of the pizza shop (Dom) lives in the basement of the pizza shop. Huh? Strange. Bottom line, unsanitary & gross!