Crabby Dan's Grill & Coffee

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1350 Pittsford-Mendon Road, Mendon NY, 14506 [Directions]
Status (as of 2023)

see Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-07-02 17:56:11   I really enjoy this place...small....quiet. Good food-good prices. —PeteB

2011-07-20 20:52:26   I have been to this restaurant twice now and I don't think I will come back. I ordered a meatless grinder with fries there and was charged much more than I would be for the same thing at another, similar establishment and I think that the portion of vegetables was too small and the taste so-so. Overall this COULD be an alright place for lunch but with their current pricing I don't think it's worth it. —csas

2012-11-10 16:22:38   Had lunch here with my wife & father today. Great lunch —peteb