The Avenue Diner

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600 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 [Directions]
Hours (as of May 2013)
Daily: 6:00AM to 11:00PM
585 271 8260
Wheelchair Accessible
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The Avenue Diner is a restaurant in Monroe Village. It was originally known as Gitsis Texas Hots, a 24/7 mainstay of Monroe Avenue family-owned and -operated since 1973. By the late 2000s, however, it had gained a reputation for sketchiness due to some of the odd characters who rolled in during the wee hours of the morning. In 2013 a patron's unregistered gun accidentally discharged and sparked a controversy regarding safety. In April of that year the owners decided to rebrand Gitsis as a pleasant, family-friendly destination. They cited the difficulty of maintaining a 24-hour establishment while also raising children.1

The Avenue Diner features a clean modern interior with free Wi-Fi. They offer specialty coffees and a brand-new menu.

The Avenue Diner opened on April 30, 2013.


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2013-04-19 13:45:33   The gun went off because he wouldn't drop it when the cop told him to and in the struggle that ensued, a woman ended up in the hospital. in about 2006 or 2007, I saw the owners beat up a guy in the parking lot and then call the cops on the guy. —badfish

2013-05-04 17:12:27   Boo. Gitsis was great. I'm never giving my business to "The Avenue Diner." They're not even open 24/7. The whole point of going to Gitsis was the late night atmosphere. I bet it sucks too. At least Mark's across the street is still providing an urban greasy spoon to late night patrons. That's the way it's supposed to be. —sub619