Skip's Henrietta

Former Location
2199 East Henrietta Road, Rochester NY, 14623

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2007-07-05 17:31:39   I gave this place a shot today and I was a bit disappointed. Very low selection, quality wasn't that great, strange looking product in the freezers, and there was meat juice all over the place. Try another place. —ChrisScholz

2007-07-06 10:03:19   There are 3 other skip meat markets in town. I have had a {+ experience with the stores on W. Main St and W. Ridge Rd. Can't speak for the one in fairport. —MrPhil

2007-10-22 19:53:44   I visited the website today and received: "To all our loyal customers we regret to inform you that as of Thursday Sept 20th we will no longer be open for business." —JeffSchaller

2011-04-22 09:45:10   I think it is at a new location now... 640 ridge road west (Greece) ; unless it is a different meat market with same name "Skip's Meat Market" —Roy