250 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY 14607

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6/8/2011-Woody's is now the Brickwood Grill


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2007-10-30 15:32:15 Currently closed for renovations... —SaraChristine

2007-12-08 22:02:31 Recently visited Woody's post-remodel. Was disappointed to find that the remodeling hadn't changed the things I disliked about it from previous visits. Too loud with the blaring 98 PXY music, tough to get a drink, and the crowd looked like they were taking all their fashion cues from circa-2002 hip-hop videos. Rhinestone tube tops? In Rochester, in December? —AlixHamilton

2007-12-09 20:22:47 I agree with Alix...we went after the re-opening and were not impressed. Not really my type of place to begin with though. —SaraChristine

2008-05-02 12:06:03 Typical frat boy/party ho bar.

If youre older than 21 then you dont really belong here.

Looks like a dive bar/sports bar inside, good if you are looking for that atmosphere. —MrRochester

2008-09-30 21:58:53 The staff seems more interested in chatting with eachother than serving you. Drinks are way overpriced. —Sharpie

2009-12-04 14:30:51 I believe this bar has reopened. —KatieS

2009-12-05 11:13:58   Hopefully the new ownership will steer Woody's away from what seems to be all too common in Rochester: a place where 18 year old guys with pink popped collars and girls with bad tans struggle to yell at each other over blaring Bon Jovi while sipping overpriced drinks. There is a small stage, which is promising. Hopefully they will bring in original bands that do not fit the normal Bug Jar or Penny Arcade metal/DJ/punk offerings. Time will tell. I've got high hopes. —Marc

2011-06-08 08:37:37   Is now the "Brickwood Grill" —ThomasPawlik